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10 High Paying Robotics Jobs to be Available in India in 2022 – Analytics Insight

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Global demand for AI talent has doubled in the past few than ever imagined before. Robots are becoming increasingly popular in the manufacturing industry, and according to experts, this demand is not cresting anytime soon. The substantial advancements in technology have spurred this period of robotics growth. With robotics companies constantly innovating new software and robotics features, along with accelerated robots’ production with increased payload capacities and improved reach, who knows how far the industry might extend in the next decade. India, being one of the strongest growing tech economies among the Asian emerging market, is rapidly moving towards tech automation. According to reports, the Indian industrial robotics market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.3% between 2019-2024. This phenomenon has also led to the emergence of numerous robotics jobs in India. This article enlists the top high-paying robotics jobs that will be available in India in 2022.
Robotics Engineer: A robotics engineer is responsible for designing, developing, and building robots that are productive, safe to operate, and economical to train. They are responsible for working with different teams of robotics developers, computer scientists, and engineers. In India, the average salary of a robotics engineer will depend on their experiences and qualifications.
Robot Programmer: A robot programmer’s career is often very detailed-oriented, and making one minor mistake can cause a chain reaction of several actions. The role includes system work, including customer support and training, and robotics programming. Generally, employers tend to look for candidates in electrical engineering, computer science, and other related fields.
Robotics Automation Engineer: An automation robotics engineer reviews all changes and modifications in the control plan to ensure their relevance and compliance with the operations resulting from continuous improvement activities as well as internal and external customer requirements and guiding the activities of robot technicians.
Software Developer: A software developer monitors, develops, and supports high-performance data processing systems, identify, design, and implement internal process improvements, including automating manual processes, optimizing data delivery, and more.
Mechanical Design Engineer: Mechanical design engineers create, develop, and test products such as machines, tools, and sensors. They solve problems by applying the principles of physics, chemistry, and mechanics to the real world. They also collect data on prototypes and supervise the production of their designs.
Robotics Welders: A robot welder operates and programs robotics welding machines, set welding jigs based on specified setup requirements, and occasionally grind or weld spot parts. Candidates with degrees in electrical engineering, computer engineering, and related domains are most preferred.
RoboticsTechnicians: Robotics technicians assist manufacturing, mechanical, and electronics engineers in all phases of robotics design, development, production, testing, and operations. They are responsible for the initial installation of the robot and are trained to perform low-code programming and re-programming of the robots.
Controls Engineer: A controls engineer develops all types of electronics controls and integrates them into mechanical systems. They manage, research, and design the development of the robotics tool of the machine and monitor its control systems and machinery.
Robotics Operator: Although the idea behind robots is that they can perform activities more efficiently than humans can, but they have to be operated by someone unless the machines are autonomous. If something goes wrong, the operator will contact the technician or engineer for assistance.
Robotics Perception and Navigation Specialist: These candidates constantly try to improve the current performance and capabilities of the robots, by fusing data from stereo cameras, LIDAR and other functions for robotics and data analytics to work together.

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