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1st Fakeeh Care Annual Congress concludes in Jeddah – Arab News

The 1st Fakeeh Care Annual Congress, the largest medical conference organized by a private healthcare provider in the Makkah region, took place from Dec. 17-22 at The Ritz-Carlton, Jeddah.
The six-day event included a number of activities. Day 1 comprised the grand opening ceremony of the congress and the announcement of winners of the various competitions organized by Fakeeh Care Group.
There were also booths displaying all the entities of Fakeeh Care Group, namely Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital Jeddah, Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital Riyadh, Fakeeh University Hospital Dubai, Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Medical Centers, Fakeeh College of Medical Sciences, KAUST Health, the Academic and Training Affairs, Advanced Horizon Contracting Company, MedE Ambulance Services, Fakeeh Technologies, Fakeeh Complementary Healthcare Company, Watch Me Grow Daycare and Fakeeh Vision.
The remaining five days of the annual congress consisted of a number of lectures, workshops and presentations on healthcare research and management, and communication skills. Topics included: Fakeeh Medical Symposium and Advances in Medical Care, The Emergence in Mental Health Issues and Rise in Addiction, Quality and Operations Efficiency in the Age of Disruption, The Effectiveness in Healthcare and Leadership, and The Fakeeh Home Healthcare Symposium.
The winners of the competitions are:
Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Award for Medical Research:
– First Prize: Dr. Norah Alharbi — SR175,000 ($46,530)
– Second Prize: Dr. Khalid Alsulaiman and Dr. Sarah Almazidi — SR62,500 each
– Third Prize: Dr. Mai Alalawi and Dr. Khalid Alhabib — SR37,500 each
Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Award for Innovation:
– First Prize: Dr. Tariq Altokhais — SR175,000
– Second Prize: Dr. Maha Alqahtani — SR125,000
– Third Prize: Dr. Khalid Almalki — SR75,000
Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Award for Health Promotion for students:
– First Prize: Eyas Farran — SR50,000
– Second Prize: Ola Zahran — SR40,000
– Third Prize: Mohammed Dowedri — SR30,000
– Fourth Prize: Nouf Almatrafi — SR20,000
– Fifth Prize: Mohammed Alamoudi — SR10,000
Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Award for Academic Program Director:
– First Prize: Dr. Ibrahim Alotaibi — SR20,000
– Second Prize: Dr. Hazem Fawzi — SR15,000
– Third Prize: Dr. Amr Keera — SR10,000
Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Award for Residents (Senior):
– First Prize: Dr. Amira Baradhwan — SR15,000
– Second Prize: Dr. Salwan Albakri — SR7,500
– Third Prize: Dr. Asim bin Salman — SR5,000
Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Award for Residents (Junior):
– First Prize: Dr. Abdulrahman Bahatheq — SR15,000
– Second Prize: Dr. Ahmad Khutri — SR7,500
– Third Prize: Dr. Ahmad Elyas — SR5,000
Schneider Electric, a global leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, has welcomed 22 Saudi graduates — nearly two-thirds of whom are women — into its Saudi Arabia Early Career Program for 2022. This is in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 goals of supporting the empowerment of women and increasing their opportunities in the marketplace to enhance their position in society and by investing their energies and capabilities.
Now in its second year, the program for Saudis offers exciting career opportunities for fresh graduates and young professionals who can innovate at every level and build a future that empowers all to make the most of their energy and resources in order to create the Kingdom’s future sustainability leaders.
In 2021, Schneider Electric hired 15 Saudi graduates, half of which were women engineers, as part of the cohort. The number of Saudi graduates on the program this year nearly doubled, while the number of women joining the program has more than doubled to 13.
Early Career Program candidates have the opportunity to join Schneider Electric full-time and are inducted on a one-month orientation to gain a comprehensive understanding of the company’s various departments, divisions and projects.
The Saudi nationals are from King Saud University, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Effat University, King Abdulaziz University, Umm Al-Qura University and other universities inside and outside the Kingdom. They studied varied disciplines including electrical engineering, IT and cybersecurity, industrial engineering, computer sciences, electrical and computer engineering, and mechatronics engineering.
As a diverse, inclusive and equitable global company, we are delighted to see the number of young professionals joining our Early Career Program grow as it returns for its second year.
Nahla Akhdar, Schneider electric’s HR Vice President for Saudi Arabia and Yemen
“As a diverse, inclusive and equitable global company, we are delighted to see the number of young professionals joining our Early Career Program grow as it returns for its second year,” said Nahla Akhdar, Schneider Electric’s human resources vice president for Saudi Arabia and Yemen. “It marks another milestone for Schneider Electric in our efforts to create new opportunities for Saudi youth to join the private sector and contribute to the growth of vital STEM industries in the Kingdom.”
Early Career Program candidates have the opportunity to join Schneider Electric full-time and are inducted on a one-month orientation to gain a comprehensive understanding of the company’s various departments, divisions and projects. Based on their assessment and identified capabilities, they are assigned to positions within the business, so they help others to make the most of their energy and resources.
Schneider Electric places Saudization at the forefront of its hiring strategies. The annual Early Career Program pioneered by the company in Saudi Arabia is aligned with the Human Capability Development Program and the overarching Vision 2030, which is designed to equip and empower Saudi citizens with the required capabilities to compete in a global and local market.
Saudi female-led nonprofit organization AlOula hosted a fundraiser on Dec. 16-17, under the theme “Weddings from Around the World,” at the Lazurde Ballroom of Park Hyatt Jeddah.
AlOula is the first registered nonprofit in Saudi Arabia, which aims to break the cycle of poverty by empowering low-income families and working on positively developing the children of Jeddah, enhancing their educational, professional and physical skills to achieve self-actualization.
The fundraising event generated proceeds that will go to support various skills development programs for the youth.
The fundraising event generated proceeds that will go to support various skills development programs for the youth.
The festival showcased traditional wedding ceremonies from the Hijaz region of Saudi Arabia as well as included performances themed around different countries such as India, Yemen, Palestine, Indonesia, Turkiye and Morocco. The master of ceremony was TV announcer Dr. Yara Al-Muhtadi.
The event was supported by the passionate ladies community of Jeddah, and provided a platform for cultural exchange and celebration built upon the love of giving back to society. Women were able to enjoy a weekend full of culture and tradition in a luxurious setting by the seaside.
Dania Almaeena, CEO of AlOula, said: “We are so humbled and grateful for all the overwhelming and continuous support we have received from our sponsors, volunteers and attendees. A special thanks to all the performers and AlOula’s amazing team for the two spectacular nights filled with lots of culture, love and giving.”
Rua Al-Madinah Holding participated in the Madinah Projects Exhibition “Medex” 2022 as an official partner. The expo was held under the patronage of Madinah Gov. Prince Faisal bin Salman at King Salman International Convention Center in Madinah from Dec. 19-21.
Medex is the first-of-its-kind event in the region to showcase an assortment of investment opportunities and major development projects in various sectors, actively promoting and highlighting the adequacy of the city’s investment infrastructure.
Seeking to encourage the public and private sectors to participate in the region’s overarching development, the expo included panel discussions about the region and the city’s future, detailing reasons for industries to involve themselves in achieving its comprehensive and effective development.
Expressing the company’s pride to be involved in the expo as a sponsor, Ahmad Al-Juhani, chief executive of Rua Al-Madinah Holding, said: “The event critically highlighted the development projects and investment opportunities available in the region and underlined the ongoing civil transformation occurring across the region, which sets precedence for public-private collaboration and the ease of reaching key decision-makers.”
It is the generous patronage of the Madinah Governor, added Al-Juhani, which emphasizes the Saudi leadership’s keen interest in developing the region to enrich the experiences of visitors, as the Kingdom’s leadership aspires to see the city host at least 30 million pilgrims and visitors by the year 2030.
At the event, the company showcased the masterplan of its namesake project, currently under development in the area east of the Prophet’s Mosque.
Several agreements were signed with public agencies and private companies to fast-track work on the Rua Al-Madinah project, which aims to upscale the services provided to pilgrims in a city that is a prime, modern-day cultural destination for Muslims.
The project adopts modern urban planning methods, industry-leading development concepts, and a state-of-the-art infrastructure framework with innovative services, to improve the quality of life in the city and ensure that its residents and visitors have everything required in the way of convenience and well-being. In recognition of the long-withstanding values of better services and a better experience, greater hotel capacity and quality utilities will be extended across the area of the project, all while providing as many as 93,000 direct and indirect employment opportunities in diverse industries.
Salam, a leading ICT operator in Saudi Arabia, has been named as the Fastest Growing Saudi Telecommunications Brand and the Most Innovative Saudi Telecommunications Brand of the Year at the 10th Global Brand Awards 2022, held recently in Dubai, in recognition of Salam’s exceptional performance in the Kingdom’s ICT sector.
Alongside leading companies from around the world, Salam was one of the only two Saudi telecom providers and one of a select few from the Middle East to be awarded since 2018. This highlights Salam’s efforts to deliver a unique, bold and experience-led presence in the sector.
Each year since 2013, the UK-based Global Brands Magazine honors companies that stand out from industry leaders by demonstrating exceptional service and a unique vision.
Salam’s success demonstrates the company’s exceptional commitment to innovation, quality, branding activities, customer service and performance, providing a robust offering in Saudi Arabia. The company’s growth trajectory has been supported by the brand’s commitment to offering human-centric, reliable services tailored to customer needs. 
Salam’s innovative phygital approach combining experience-filled physical and digital retail spaces, coupled with a growing choice of curated digital solutions, is elevating traditional telco offerings into managed digital experiences that set customers free to experience emerging digital lifestyles without limits.
Salam’s reputation as a leading homegrown telecom provider in Saudi Arabia has positioned the brand at the forefront of delivering in line with the Kingdom’s digital transformation efforts to achieve Saudi Vision 2030.
As one of the region’s most established networks, Ookla SpeedTest recently awarded Salam with the Best Internet Video Experience award in Saudi Arabia.
stc, Nokia and MediaTek have announced their successful verification of 4-component carrier aggregation, referred to as 4CC-CA, in the 5G standalone network within the city of Makkah for the first time in the Middle East and Africa. Carrier aggregation allows mobile operators to reach higher throughputs by combining different spectrum assets efficiently to enhance the 5G user experience. CA will also allow stc to deliver leading 5G services to its customers and achieve a faster time-to-market for new 5G use cases.
The companies used the combination of two FDD carriers (700 MHz and 2,100 MHz) and two TDD Sub-6GHz band carriers (2,300 MHz and 3,500 MHz) using FDD-TDD CA technology. Nokia used its commercial air-scale baseband, massive MIMO, and RRH products, powered by its Reef-shark chipset on stc’s live network. MediaTek provided its 5G mobile platform featuring its Release-16 ready, M80 modem.
Bader Allhieb, infrastructure sector vice president at stc, said: “The region-first trial of 4CC-CA in 5G SA mode reiterates our commitment to providing a world-class experience to our subscribers.”
Ibrahim Al-Abbas, head of the stc customer business team at Nokia, said: “Carrier aggregation allows service providers to make optimal use of spectrum without impacting the network performance. Nokia is at the forefront of developing 5G CA and other technologies that support service providers in maximizing the use of available resources.” 
Rami Osman, director, business development, Middle East and Africa at MediaTek, said: “MediaTek has become the largest global supplier of smartphones and 5G CPE chipsets. Our co-work here with stc and Nokia helps stc leverage the maximum data throughput from each and every megahertz of its precious spectrum assets by implementing their required band support into our RF chipset.”


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