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21962 students admitted in Degree Engineering: Computer, IT, ICT Branch Top – PiPa News

In Degree Engineering-B.Tech, the first round seat allotment has been announced today by the admission committee. In which, excluding the colleges that have gone to the no admission zone, the admission committee has allotted 21,962 seats out of the 50,211 seats to be filled on the basis of merit and choice. This year ICT branch is also on top along with computer and IT branch. Automobile and Artificial Intelligence specialized branches have the least number of students admitted. After first round seat allotment, 28249 seats are still vacant.
Already very few students for admission in Degree Engineering this year and out of less than 30 thousand students registered in ACPC-Admission Committee against total of more than 64 thousand seats with 50% seats in private uni-colleges to be filled up by admission committee only 29014 students in merit. In which more than 26 thousand are in Gujkat based merit and more than 14 thousand are in JEE based merit. First round seat allotment has been declared today according to both merits. Out of 50211 seats to be filled by admission committee, 21962 students have got admission. While more than 28 thousand seats are vacant. 7214 seats out of 11411 seats in government-granted 19 colleges have been allotted and 14748 seats out of 111 private colleges have been allotted. Some colleges have been placed in the no-admission zone and some colleges are pending uni-council approval. Three colleges will now be added back to the process in the second round.
In the first round of seat allotment, only 7 colleges have got admission in 100 percent seats, while in 50 colleges, admission has been allotted in more than 50 percent seats. While in 77 colleges, admission has been done in less than 50 percent seats. Five colleges are such that not a single student is admitted i.e. there is zero allotment. This year Computer Engineering-Computer Science, IT and ICT branches have the highest admissions at over 60 percent and these branches are at the top while mechanical,Civil,Electrical ,A very low 20 percent or less in industries like automobiles are entered.
41 colleges surrendered their 8 thousand seats to the admission committee
Thousands of seats are vacant in degree engineering and this year maximum 35 thousand seats are going to be vacant, 41 private engineering colleges of the state have handed over more than 8 thousand seats to the admission committee for fear of remaining vacant.
By amending the Technical Education Act, the government has allowed private uni-colleges to fill up 50% of the seats on their own while 50% of the seats can be filled by the colleges-unis on their own and 50% of the seats are filled by the government’s admission committee through ACPC central admission process. Every year many colleges hand over their seats to the admission committee but this year the most record breaking 41 colleges have handed over 50 percent of their seats to the admission committee.
According to 50% of the seats, more than 8 thousand seats have been assigned to the admission committee. This has been added to the central admission process by the admission committee and so the seats to be filled by the admission committee are now 51 thousand. It is important that since the students are very less this year, from 35 thousand As more seats will remain vacant, the colleges have handed over 50 percent of the seats to the admission committee, fearing that the seats will remain vacant, but still, even 50 percent of the seats in many colleges are not filled.
How many admissions in which branch
Branch seats admission percentage
Computer Engg. 8266 5442 66
Computer Science 3874 2339 60
IT 5375 3231 60
Mechanical 7205 1214 17
Civil 6250 1136 18
Electrical 4530 951 21
EC 2004 1149 52
Chemical 2041 788 39
Automobile 1080 149 14
computer-AI 1044 31 03
ICT 782 495 68
IC 490 189 39
B 764 students of the group got admission in engineering
In Degree Engineering this year AICTE (Council) has decided the branches for A and B group students according to their subjects.,Biotech
,Food Technology,As many as 9 branches including Agricultural Engineering have been approved for admission. At present Physics is the first round seat allotment.,764 students of B group with Chemistry and Biology subjects have got admission. Out of 285 seats in Biomedical Engg, 251 students have got admission in 48 seats and 251 seats in Bio Technology. More than 1600 students of B group are in merit this year.


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