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5 Most In-Demand Master's Degrees in 2022 – Masterstudies News

Pursuing a master’s degree enables you to enjoy a lucrative career with a wide range of perks, a higher salary, and numerous growth opportunities. It expands one’s knowledge in the field and provides a platform to network with like-minded people who can help advance your career. While some master programs require you to do undergraduate coursework of the related subject, others allow you to pursue the program regardless of what you studied in your undergraduate degree. There are a plethora of options for master degree programs. However, due to the high employability rate and extensive growth opportunities, some degrees have become massively popular among students. Let’s take a look at five such master’s degrees that are in high demand in 2022!
Business administration
A Master of Business Administration, or MBA, is one of the most highly sought-after master’s degrees globally and a stepping stone to C-suites jobs at big organisations. Business administration professionals are experts in a wide range of skills, such as effective communication, time management, customer service, problem-solving, organisation skills. They are responsible for ensuring that companies run efficiently and profitably.
An MBA degree offers a wide range of subjects to specialise in. For instance business analytics, technology, human resources, sales, finance, supply chain management, and international business.
A strong foundation in business administration combined with relevant experience can make you an asset to almost any company. Some of the career opportunities after pursuing an MBA degree are:
●       Project Manager
●       Business Development Manager
●       Product Manager
●       Sales Manager
●       Business Analyst
Healthcare administration
A master’s program in Healthcare Administration is a rewarding degree to pursue that can provide you with multiple job opportunities in the world of healthcare. A healthcare administrator regularly interacts with doctors and nurses, but their responsibilities are entirely different. Their job is to oversee the day-to-day administrative operations of the healthcare facilities and institutions, such as hospitals, nursing homes, senior care facilities, etc. They work towards creating a better patient experience and ensure patient safety.
If you have strong leadership skills, a knack for the administration side of things, and a desire to help people improve their health, then a career in healthcare administration is for you!
Some of the job opportunities after earning a degree in Master of Healthcare Administration are:
●       Chief nursing officer
●       Corporate healthcare manager
●       Clinical director
●       Healthcare consultant
●       Health services manager
Computer science
An undergraduate degree in computer science focuses mainly on fundamentals, but if you wish to seek a deeper understanding of the subject and follow a more specialised path, pursuing a master’s degree is the most appropriate option. A master’s degree in computer science equips students with technical skills and advanced knowledge in computers and Information technology. The degree focuses on topics such as machine learning, programming, software development and engineering, and database management. In most computer science master’s programs, you can choose a specific concentration like artificial intelligence, data science, information systems, computer networks, programming language, or cybersecurity.
Computer science is a discipline best learned by practising it! So to further enhance your skills and knowledge, you can start working internships or part-time jobs. If you have time restrictions due to a busy university schedule, you can also take up online internships and work from the comfort of your student accommodation.
Some of the career opportunities after pursuing a master’s degree in Computer Science are:
●       Machine Learning Specialist
●       Full-Stack Developer
●       Database Administrator
●       Network Architect
●       Data analyst
Pursuing a master’s degree in engineering programs helps students gain in-depth knowledge and skills in a particular engineering speciality, such as civil, mechanical, chemical, computer science, electrical. Obtaining a master’s degree in engineering expands on the proficiency you gained during the undergraduate level. Also, it makes you a valuable asset to any team by advancing your career to a higher-level technical or management position in an organisation.
Some of the career opportunities with a master’s degree in engineering management are:
●       IT manager
●       Project engineer
●       Product engineer
●       Automation engineer
●       Technical consultant
Marketing today is one of the essential business operations for a company. It allows an organisation to build, maintain, or enhance its presence among its target audience and always stay ahead of its competitors. With a massive demand for talented and qualified marketers to help companies achieve their marketing objectives, it’s no wonder master’s degrees in marketing are booming.
The UK is an excellent choice for pursuing your master’s degree in marketing wih many top universities offering the program, such as Imperial College London, the University of Manchester, and the University of Warwick. Moreover, the UK caters to international students with high-quality education, cultural diversity, excellent employability, and the best options for student accommodation, such as student rooms near The University of Manchester and student apartments in London.
Some of the career opportunities after pursuing a master’s degree in marketing are:
●       Marketing manager
●       Brand manager
●       Market research analyst
●       Social media specialist
●       Public Relations manager
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