5 Reasons Non-Profits Are Moving to The Cloud

The Cloud can offer many benefits that outweigh those of in-house servers. Your non-profit may consider moving your organization to the Cloud for the following reasons:

1) Reduced Costs

Cloud service providers offer pay-per-use subscription plans. In other words, your expenses scale based solely on your organization’s needs, eliminating additional costs for IT equipment, software updates, and support. This greatly reduces the upfront capital requirement for sophisticated IT systems.

2) Reliable Security & Backup

The Cloud typically stores data in data centers that carry far more robust security and backup systems than a most businesses would typically be able to afford. When your data moves to and from the Cloud over the Internet, it is encrypted to ensure privacy and security.

3) Improved Collaboration
Many cloud solutions allow users to share and edit documents together in real-time. Therefore, employees can work on a project or document through one master copy, shortening completion times.

4) Greater Flexibility
With the Cloud, work materials can be accessed through any device at any time, allowing employees to work remotely or outside of work hours. Also, owners can manage their company whenever and wherever they please.

6) Cloud Is the Future
An Emergent Research and Intuit report forecasts that 80 percent of U.S. small businesses will fully integrate to the Cloud by 2020. Clearly, many owners find satisfaction in the Cloud’s reliability and efficiency.

Overall, the Cloud can increase productivity for your non-profit, progressing other areas of your organization.
Moving to the Cloud might feel as if you’re stepping into unknown territory.

If your organization needs more information or assistance with implementing cloud-based solutions or have other IT support needs, please feel free to contact us. One of our specialists will be happy to help. Benchmark Information Technology has provided non-profits with IT support for over a decade.

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