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60 hrs later, no trace of missing IIT ISM Dhanbad student – Lagatar News (Lagatar24.com)

Dhanbad, Nov 16: Even after 60 hours, police have got no trace of IIT Indian School of Mines (ISM) final year math and computer engineering student Panam Yashwant Surya.
The senior police official of the district said the search for the missing student is being carried out in the suspected locations on the hints of his guardian.
Panam Yashwant Surya, who was living in room no.112 of Diamond Hostel of the institution, has been missing since Sunday evening. The IIT ISM authority said as per the CCTV footage, he was seen going out alone from the main gate at 8.56 evening of Sunday.
Panam is a resident of Panam Gudur in the Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh. IIT ISM authority said before leaving the campus, he had sent a WhatsApp message to his father about the reason for his drastic step (leaving the campus).
Having received the message and finding no response to the calls, Panam’s father informed the hostel warden, Dr Raj Kiran, about it on Monday. In presence of police, the IIT security department officials opened the hostel room of Surya and found all his belongings including his mobile phone and laptop intact in the room.
The IIT authority in this regard on Tuesday evening lodged a missing report of Surya in the Sadar police station.
Panam’s father also reached the institution from Andhra Pradesh. As per the information, the Whatsapp message that he sent to his father suggests he was suffering from depression due to prolonged illness.
The message written in Telugu said, “I have been in depression for the last 7 years due to illness. It seems I would not be alive for long. When I have to die then what is the need of continuing the study? So I am leaving the institution. I have no courage to commit suicide.”
A senior authority of IIT ISM today said that this is the first incident in the institution when a student has left the campus in depression.

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