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7 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Smart Home

7 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Smart Home

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The concept of owning a smart home sounded like something out of a Disney movie. Now everything in your home can be connected to your Wi-Fi and controlled through your smartphone app.

This will make your home more convenient and comfortable. You may feel overwhelmed by the plethora of smart devices on the market. Here are some ways you can make your home smarter that can be used with most internet service providers.

Smart Televisions

Upgrade to a smart TV. Most of the newer models include features such as high-definition, music streaming, streaming video services, voice control, and universal search. A smart television can also be used with your mobile devices. The best thing about smart televisions is that they can be set up within minutes.

Being able to stream Netflix or Hulu on a large smart television is reason enough alone to get one. Did you know that you can live stream from other places around the world? Services like Ustream allow you to check out live events such as concerts and sportscasts. You can stream from the International Space Station.

You can even browse the internet by using your smart TV as a computer monitor. This eliminates the need to buy equipment and devices to stream content since the operating system is built right into the television. All you need is your Wi-Fi password and a mobile device with apps. As this technology improves, more apps will be optimized for it, which will provide even more features.

Smart Thermostats

Make your home even safer with smarter thermostats. Your home can be set to the right temperature every time. It’s one of the best investments you’ll make when it comes to saving on heating costs. The best smart thermostats allow you to adjust your home’s temperature on a smartphone app when you’re away from home. You can turn the heat or air conditioner on right before you leave work so your home is comfortable the moment you step in the door.

Since your thermostat is connected to your smartphone app, you can adjust your temperature no matter where you are in the world. This can save you money since you’ll be able to shut off the air conditioner and heat when you mistakenly left it on. The latest line of smart thermostats will adjust the temperature according to your schedule.

Smart Lighting

Make your light bulbs smart too. Use light bulbs that connect to your Wi-Fi connection. Like your thermostat, you can adjust your lighting system to turn on and off whenever you want. Since these light bulbs are typically energy-efficient, you won’t be hit with a surprise bill in the mail.

Smart light bulbs come with many features and are easy to install. They can save you money by turning out the lights only when someone is home. The best smart light bulbs come in a wide variety of colors and can be controlled through your smartphone or smart hub. A smart light bulb makes a great gift for someone who’s afraid of using a smart hub or a smart thermostat.

Smart Security Cameras

For added home security, invest in a smart security camera. There is a wide variety of smart security cameras on the market such as outdoor motion sensors, smart locks, and surveillance devices. Home security kits provide all of these features for a low monthly fee. Most smart security cameras store hours of footage on cloud-based storage, which means you can save it for the police.

You can even live-stream footage to your smartphone or tablet, so you watch your home while you’re away. Some of the larger systems require professional installation, but there are plenty of DIY options. The only thing you’ll need is a Wi-Fi password, the smartphone app, the security camera, and tools to place the camera wherever you want in your home. Most companies provide video instructions to make the installation process less intimidating.

Smart Outlets

Sometimes you don’t need a complete smart home. You just want smarter outlets for your home. These outlets plug into your electrical outlets and connect to your Wi-Fi password. You can then control the outlets through an app on your smartphone.

You don’t have to install new electrical outlets. Depending on which one you use, smart outlets can communicate with the other smart electronics and appliances in your home. It can also connect to your smart hub, allowing you to use voice controls.

Smart Home Hubs

The best way to turn your home into a smart home is to use a smart hub. This device will control all of the electronic devices and appliances in your home. It controls everything from the lighting and security devices to your television and thermostat. Instead of using different apps for different smart devices, you can control them through the main hub through the use of a smartphone app or voice commands.

Smart hubs aren’t as intimidating as they sound. They’re typically affordable, easy to install, and come in a wide range of settings. All you need to set it up is your Wi-Fi password and a dedicated spot for your hub. Subscribe to the company’s email newsletter to get updates on your device, as companies enhance their devices with software improvements.

Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Traditional smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have gotten smarter as well. They come with features like sensors that send alerts from the devices and on smartphones and other devices. They may also alert you about a specific room the smoke or carbon monoxide detector went off in.

A smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector is one of the best investments you can make without turning your home into a smart home. They’re fairly affordable and easy to install. If you can install a standard smoke or carbon monoxide detector, then you can install a smart one.

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