Active Directory Domain Name Change

Active Directory Domain Name Change


    • It may be misspelled.
    • It may be requested to be changed for Legal Reasons.
    • The name logic of the company has changed.

Why Is It Important?

    • Forest is completely affected.
    • Schema will be affected.
    • Some services such as DNS, WINS, Kerberos work based on name resolution.
    • Since logon and password operations are performed according to DNS name resolution, a problem occurs.

How to Replace?

    The old ways can be changed from properties by right clicking my computer.
    For DNS, you need to re-create the records manually.

            1.NETDOM computername mspdc.ldap.com /add:mspdc01.ldap.local
            2.NETDOM computername mspdc.ldap.com /makeprimary:mspdc01.ldap.local
            4.NETDOM computername mspdc01.ldap.local /remove:mspdc.ldap.com

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