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College of Liberal Arts
We are so very proud of the alumni who have passed through our department as majors, minors or graduate students. Philosophy is the study of disciplined thinking—the ability to read and listen critically, to address problems systematically, and to express ideas articulately in writing and speech. Whether you come to us for cultural enrichment or as a basis for the advanced study of philosophy, you will find that the skills you develop open up doors to a number of career opportunities. Our alumni apply their philosophical training to a diverse array of professions in our local community and across the world as accountants, banking associates, business executives, digital communications specialists, freelance journalists, IT consultants, lawyers, law enforcement, military officers, park rangers, policy analysts, public servants, teachers, therapists, scientists, small business owners and more.
Among the many talented alumni of our department are the following:

“My philosophy minor turned out to be more valuable than I ever expected. My coursework provided me an invaluable framework for examining the legal and ethical questions that I have confronted as a law student–those faced by lawyers and their clients as well as those which shape entire doctrines of law over time. My philosophy professors challenged me not just to learn, but to learn how to think. In the process, I became comfortable with the Socratic method, which allowed me to confidently answer cold calls as a first-year law student. I also found community in the department and the philosophy club. My ‘minor’ made a major difference to me as a student, a law school applicant, and as a future lawyer.” 
~Ivy Ziedrich, Philosophy minor, Class of 2018, now an Associate at Latham & Watkins LLP in Washington, D.C.

We are always happy to highlight alumni success stories and placement, so please reach out to philosophy@unr.edu if you would like to be featured.