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Amazon CEO, Putting Stamp on Company, Promotes Four Executives – Bloomberg

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India is one of only a handful of nations that have sent probes to the moon and Mars. But the most impressive part of its space program is its cost-effectiveness. Unlike other government space organizations, India’s agency is extremely efficient, with the lowest cost-per-kilogram in the industry. Now India is throwing open its doors to private companies and raising its stellar ambitions.
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Andy Jassy

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Amazon.com Inc. Chief Executive Officer Andy Jassy has appointed four executives to senior roles as he continues to put his stamp on the world’s largest e-commerce company.
The appointments include three long-time executives and one relative newcomer. They are joining “Steam,” a group of senior leaders who help influence the direction of the company and its investment priorities. With the promotions, Jassy revealed a commitment to streaming services, logistics and devices.


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