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An MBA, MCom ranker, engineer show that there is no glory without guts – Ahmedabad Mirror

Sagar Patel
Qualification: MBA from Canada
Venture: Patel Chaiwala

Ranip resident Sagar Patel (26) belongs to a well-to-do family. His father is into the chemical business, while his elder brother is into real estate. As a student of International Business Management in Toronto, Canada, Patel worked at a local café to fund his expenses. When his parents visited him for convocation, they told him that he could do the same in India.
“My parents told me if working at a cafe in Canada did not bother me, it should not matter to me in India,” said Patel. After he returned to India, the lockdown began and he could not do anything. “I started my venture on IIMA road in January this year and christened it ‘Patel Chaiwala’,” he said.
He admits that people question his decision to be a roadside teaseller. “People will always have something to say, one should not pay heed to it. My family, my wife and even my in-laws are supportive of my venture,” he said. His advice to those who lost their job is to not lose heart as it is not the end of the world. “A person can always start something from scratch and it can grow into something big,” said Patel.

Charmi & Agam Shah
Qualification: MCom (ranker) & MBA dropout
Venture: Chat shop

Satellite resident Charmi Shah (23) ranked fourth in the university in MCom, while her brother Agam (21), dropped out of his MBA course after a few days. Now, the siblings are busy running Ganesh Chat House in South Bopal, near Apollo International School. 
Charmi was a full-time nurse for her mother when she suffered a brain stroke three years ago and was paralysed. Since her mother needed one person to constantly by her side.
Agam suggested venturing into the food sector and that is how Ganesh Chat House was born. “People often ask me what is the point of studying so much if I had to sell chaat, but I believe no work is small and business is business,” said Charmi.
Agam said he always wanted to set up something of his own and so started the outlet. “Our father is supportive of our venture and advised us to be patient and that eventually everything will fall in its place,” the siblings said.

Tapan Brahmbhatt
Qualification: Diploma in Computer Engineering
Venture: Burger on Bullet

Ambaji native Tapan Brahmbhatt (23) began selling burgers in 2018 while pursuing his diploma in computer engineering from RC Technical Institute. He was joined by two of his classmates and the venture had an initial investment of Rs 700. “We tried out several places and finally zeroed in on the Sabarmati Riverfront. We would randomly approach people and ask them if they wanted to have a burger and sell it to them. We got the phone number of our regular customers to ensure that we could supply them burgers whenever they needed them. We ended up having a set of customers who always ordered from us,” said Tapan.
However, the partners parted ways when they finished their diplomas.
One of Tapan’s friends opted to join the family business, while the other got a job. Tapan too worked for four months at a private hospital, but the lure of entrepreneurship persisted. He returned to selling burgers. Tapan’s father also owns a restaurant-cum-hotel in Ambaji.
“My parents initially wanted me to join the family business, but now they are supportive of my venture,” he said. His outlet sells at least 200 burgers a day.
Tapan has his kitchen near Dadhichi Bridge and during the evening he rides his Bullet to sell burgers on the riverfront. Three months ago, two of his friends joined him in his venture. “My friends Keyur and Manan expressed their wish to join me, so now they are also part of the business,” Tapan said.  
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