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Announcing the winner of the first WISE (Women Interdisciplinary Scholarship Engagement) Fellowship – WPI News

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The WISE Network (Women’s Interdisciplinary Scholarship Engagement) partially funded by the WPI Women Impact Network aims to help female students connect with the world of interdisciplinary research by raising awareness to the importance of interdisciplinary research and foster collaborations among students, faculty, staff, and alumnae. To get involved and learn more about the mission of the WISE network, check out our website at this link.
On behalf of the WISE Executive Committee (Prof. Rodica Neamtu, Prof. Danielle Cote, Dr. Kyle Tsaknopoulos, Ashley Schuliger, and Roopsa Ghosh), we are pleased to announce our first WISE Fellowship recipient, Abigail Brachtl! Abigail is completing a double major in Electrical Computer Engineering and Computer Science. Congratulations Abigail!
This will provide her with the opportunity to attend and participate in an interdisciplinary research conference of her choosing. We will be selecting another WISE Fellow in the Spring semester. For information about applying, visit our online application.


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