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App allows people to take medical history with them – Ponte Vedra Recorder

A few years ago, Pankaj Singh began experiencing symptoms of a possible stroke. His family rushed him to the urgent care facility, but weren’t sure they would get there quickly enough.
They saw an ambulance and stopped it, but Singh was not able to relate important information from his medical history to the paramedics. And when they arrived at the hospital emergency room, the doctors had none of that critical information either.
Everything turned out all right. The emergency turned out to be a false alarm. But it got Singh’s son, Aditya, thinking about the problem.
“Currently, you go from doctor to doctor, hospital to hospital; your medical records aren’t being transferred between them,” he said. “If you go to the ER or you go to a new doctor, they don’t know anything about your health.”
This can be a special problem when traveling.
About a year after his father’s health scare, Aditya Singh was speaking with a family friend who is a psychiatrist, and the topic arose.
“It just kind of struck a chord with my memory of my dad,” Aditya Singh said. “I was already thinking in the back of my head: How can we facilitate care coordination?”
An undergraduate at Georgia Tech studying computer engineering, he focused his area of expertise on portability of personal health data. He began to create an app that people can use — free of charge — to make their health histories available whenever and wherever they are needed.
“It’s just kind of like a way that you can take ownership of your health data so you can go to any doctor and get the same quality,” Aditya Singh said.
He and his father formed a company, Curamei Technologies. They spoke with leaders in health care and insurance. They studied the economics, legal issues and politics as they related to health care. And today, they are connecting with more and more facilities to grow the app’s effectiveness.
In addition, they also have a free newsletter to help people learn more about medical issues, such as how Medicare works and why drug prices may be rising.
To learn more about the Curamei app, go to curameitech.com. The company can also be found on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
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