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Best Careers For 2023: These Are The Top 7 Jobs In America … – Study Finds

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Study Finds
We spend thousands of our lives working, so it’s important to find a vocation we actually enjoy. Not everyone can boast that they love the work they do, but in today’s rapidly shifting economy with new industries emerging, picking the right career (or changing careers) is more attainable than ever. If you’re looking to make a change and not sure which path to take, we’ve put together a list of the best careers for 2023, according to job experts. 
By the way, it’s never too late: 6 in 10 college grads changed their career plans because of COVID.
Jobs that offer a great salary and perks like strong benefits packages and  ideal work-life balance are usually the most sought after. Having some time off could actually enhance your work, as it turns out. A recent study found playing video games can be good for your career.
So, how about that list of best careers, eh? We compared 10 different expert lists to come away with the seven most recommended career paths. Check them out then review the best questions to ask an interviewer to get a jumpstart on your career change.
Nursing and healthcare as a whole are growing rapidly. Being a healthcare practitioner is a great job for anyone who wants plenty of opportunity in their future.
“Nurse practitioners are registered nurses with additional education. Extra schooling allows these professionals to take patient histories, perform physical exams, order labs, analyze lab results, prescribe medicines, authorize treatments and educate patients and families on continued care,” writes USNews.
There will be a massive projected change in employment from 2021 to 2031 for nurse practitioners. As many as 112,700 new jobs will be created, according to Insider.
As technology continues to wrap itself around everything we do, we need engineers to design and innovate the softwares behind them. As it turns out, you could make a good living doing this work. According to GlassDoor, software engineers’ median base salary is $116,638.
Software engineers build computer software, a broad category that could apply to computer games, mobile apps, web browsers or any other computer-based system. Most jobs require a degree in computer science or computer engineering, plus proficiency in programming languages like Java and Python,” writes CBSNews.
You’ll notice tech and healthcare sort of dominate this list. Another top candidate for best career is an IS manager. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, information systems managers make $102,690 per year.
“Before becoming IS managers, individuals generally have several years of experience under their belt in a related field. In general, larger organizations require more-seasoned IT managers than smaller companies or startups do. 
According to the BLS, a chief technology officer (CTO), who supervises the entire technology function at a larger organization, will often need more than 15 years of IT experience,” according to Investopedia.
Teaching is a calling for some. If you’re interested in health or the human body, educating the next generation is a hot job right now and will only grow as the healthcare field does. The projected change in employment from 2021 to 2031 for healthcare specialties teachers is 59,400, according to Insider.
“The majority of health specialty teachers work in colleges or universities. However, some work in medical hospitals, trade schools, or junior colleges. Depending on the field that you are teaching in, additional licensure and certifications will be required.
Health specialties include pharmacists, social workers, psychologists, veterinarians, dentists, and others. And, you can get paid to teach them!” according to CareerFitter.
Want a more flexible job that can sometimes involve traveling? Being a personal aide is a highly sought after position that changes up your morning commute.
“This career shot up to #1 during the pandemic and has stayed there.  It has the highest projected hiring volume out of all careers, hiring 1,129,900 new Home Health and Personal Care Aides in the next 7 years. If you want to do meaningful work helping others, Home Health or Personal Care Aide might be your cup of tea,” writes CareerFitter.
Like we said, there’s a lot of healthcare on this list. “The best careers are mainly in the healthcare and technology fields. In fact, the top 10 careers are all in these two fields,” writes Career Profiles
As technology grows, the professionals who protect us online must as well. That’s where IS analysts come in.
“Using a brilliant combination of logic and creativity, you’ll assess security issues companies might face, develop defense plans, and create company awareness. By blocking hackers from gaining access to sensitive online information, you’ll help keep companies maintain online security. You will also get to implement protections such as firewalls and data encryption programs,” writes Career Fitter.
“Information security analysts may install and maintain firewalls or data encryption software, develop security standards and best practices to protect sensitive information, identify risks and vulnerabilities in an organization’s network systems, and investigate if a data breach occurs,” writes USNews.
Yes, it’s the job most of our parents said they’d love to see us do. “Be a doctor or a lawyer!”, they told us. According to experts, it’s still a sound choice to become a physician. Specifically, a pathologist.
“Pathologists are physicians who diagnose diseases and conduct lab tests using organs, body tissues, and fluids. Pathology includes the work done by medical examiners. Total employment among physicians is expected to increase 4% from 2021 to 2031,” writes Investopedia.
Physician’s assistants jobs are also sought after and growing quick. The median average salary is $128,000, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics.
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