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Are your favorite little ones into robots and science? Then, as a doting parent, aunt, or uncle, you’ll want to check out the best STEM gadgets and gift ideas below. These are some of the best educational toys for their interests.
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The whole family will enjoy playing with the ClicBot Kids’ coding robot. This adorable and engaging robot has a fun modular design that includes pieces like a brain, wheel, and smart foot. It comes with hundreds of built-in emotions.
Then, the creators at iRobot always have cool STEM-related toy ideas. Both the iRobot Create 3 and the iRobot Root rt0 offer fun, challenging projects.
Surprise the budding engineers in your life with these cool STEM gadgets and gifts.
Give a high school-aged robotics enthusiast the iRobot Create 3 buildable robots for the holidays. Inspired by a Roomba robot vacuum, it helps innovators build a scalable robot. Plus, with smart technology like sensors, LEDs, modules, and more, it supports robotics exploration.
Get it for $299.99 on the official website.

The whole family can have fun building, programming, and playing with the ClicBot kids’ coding robot. It boasts simple pieces that fit together easily as your child constructs a robot pet. It even acts like a puppy when its owner is nearby. Plus, the modular design provides many building possibilities.
Get it for $499.99 on the official website.
Know a baby or toddler who loves switching the lights on and off? The Computer Engineering for babies educational book is the ideal holiday gift. This book explores computer logic gates like OR, NOT, AND, a Latch, and XOR. It even uses a light sensor to detect an open page and change the operands, making it one of the best STEM gadgets and gift ideas.
Preorder it for $33 on the official website. The estimated delivery is December 2022.
Help your child stretch their creativity with the Squaregles Starter Set magnetic building set. It offers 105 magnetic frames and 3D panels, and everything your kids need to create structures and stories.
Get it for $119.99 on the official website.
Treat your child to a robot that can evolve with their coding skills when you give them the CodeRover sustainable and programmable robot. That’s right, Blockly, Javascript, Scratch, Python, C, and C++ are compatible with this platform. Beginner friendly, this robot comes with everything you need.
Preorder it for $70 on Indiegogo.
Invest in your child’s learning with the iRobot Root rt0 kids’ coding robot. Featuring over 20 sensors and capabilities, this robot teaches fundamental coding logic—no reading skills necessary! Your child can program Root rt0 to draw, drive, light up, play music, and more. It’s one of the best STEM gadgets and gift ideas.
Get it for $129.99 on the official website.
Make your child’s screen time more educational with the Osmo Genius Starter Kit. This STEM kit is compatible with an iPad or Fire tablet and offers hands-on learning games for math, spelling, and more.
Get them for $69.30 on the official website.
Let your kids experiment with music creation with the Sphere Specdrums app-enabled musical rings. All they have to do is tap any surface or the included play pad to make music. It’s suitable for kids as well as experienced musicians.
Get it for $45.87 on Amazon.
Give your preschool experience with STEM and coding skills when you buy the Learning Resources Switcheroo Coding Crew. This car-based rescue activity offers 2 modes and a variety of rescue missions kids can complete to save the day.
Get it for $38.40 on Amazon.
The QUBS Cody Block educational coding toy is another excellent screen-free coding activity. It shows kids basic coding concepts, including sequencing, algorithms, debugging, sequencing, and more. Even better, it’s entirely screen free.
Get it for $240 on the official website.
Support your child’s interests with these cool STEM gadgets and gift ideas. What educational toys do the kids in your life love? Tell us!
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