Cisco Router Password Cracking

What needs to be done to crack Cisco Router passwords without losing its configuration;

While the router is starting (before the boot process starts), press CTRL + Pause (Break) keys to enter Rommon Mode .
        Rommon 1> confreg 0x2142 (Enter)
        Rommon 2> reset (Enter)

Device will restart after reset command. Continue with configuration dialog? We write NO to the question and press enter.
        Continue with configuration dialog? [yes / no]: no (Enter)

After switching to this mode, in enable mode, copy startup-config running-config command to set the configurations in NVRAM running-config on RAM.We copy to. The Destination filename [running-config]? We press the ENTER key in the expression . After this process, you will see that the Router comes with your old configuration setting.
        Router> enable (Enter)
        Router # copy startup-config running-config (Enter)
        Destination filename [running-config]? (Enter)
        LDAP # In the

next step, we switch to configuration terminal mode by entering enable mode and typing conft t (Configure Terminal) .         LDAP #         LDAP # conf t (Enter)         LDAP (config) # Configuration terminal

After switching to mode, we set a new username + password and enable password to log into the Router .
        LDAP (config) #enable secret password (Enter)
        LDAP (config) #
        LDAP (config) #username username password your password (Enter)
        LDAP (config) #

After doing this, we write the command config-Register 0x2102 to open our settings as we configured . If you do not type this, you will not be able to login with the username and password you configured to enter the Router .
        LDAP (config) # config-Register 0x2102 (Enter)
        LDAP (config) #

After finishing my operations, exit the config mode with exit and run the reload while in enable mode, and I enable the Router to restart with the settings I saved.         LDAP (config) #exit (Enter)         LDAP #         LDAP # reload (Enter) After rebooting the device, you can login with the enable password and username + password .

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