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Clemson students begin working on a solution for the commercial aviation industry – Clemson News

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In September 2022, a Clemson multidisciplined team of engineering and business students traveled to Everett, WA, to visit Boeing and other aerospace manufacturers to gather information for their Boeing CATTs project. CATTs is an acronym that stands for Cougars and Tigers Together. The Clemson Tigers team is working with a Washington State University-Everett Cougars Team to provide a solution that will improve water quality on commercial airplanes. 
This is part of a combined Engineering Senior Design Course and a Management Creative Inquiry class that began in 2021. Students get the opportunity to work on a real issue with a multidiscipline group of people in addition to working with students from another university in another time zone! 
The Clemson team is made up of students: Reilly Boros (Materials Science and Engineering), Tori Malvoso (Computer Engineering), Logan Shay (Mechanical Engineering), Emma Gaugler (Marketing) and Taylor Stamos (Management). The class is being led by Thompson Mefford (Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies) and Jim Liddle (Management).
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