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Computer Engineering for Babies – so they'll pay for your retirement – The Gadgeteer

CROWDFUNDING NEWS – Remember the Baby Einstein books?  Well, a guy named Chase Roberts has one-upped them with a new Kickstarter campaign – Computer Engineering for Babies.

The book teaches the basics of computer engineering – AND logic, OR logic, and so on.  Because little kids love buttons and lights, the book breaks down the basics of computer logic – perfect for little fingers and curious minds.
The author went through multiple design iterations, using his son as the tester.

The result is an eye-catching book that should fascinate inquisitive little ones.

Interesting in jump-starting junior’s mind so that they will be able to fund your retirement?  Head on over to the Kickstarter Campaign.  Rewards start at $27 and the campaign ends Wednesday, September 29, 2021, at 10:37 AM EDT.  They’ve destroyed their $10,400 goal with pledges reaching nearly $140,000 as of this writing.  Who knows, your little one could come up with the next big thing in computing.
What is wrong w just letting babies be babies. This idea has worked since homo sapiens evolved from being apes.
Nothing is wrong with letting babies be babies. Babies love stimulation and pushing buttons and lighting lights provide that. If they learn something along the way, how is that a bad thing?
What does that mean, “letting babies be babies”. Not taking care of them? Not teaching them anything? Letting them fend for themselves?
To me it means that not every activity that you give to a baby has to be a learning experience. An activity is OK if it teaches them nothing but lets them just have fun. It is sort of like you buy the baby a great educational toy and the kid prefers to play w the box it came in.
Hmm. Watch the videos. If you think ANY of those kids is learning ANYTHING about computer engineering, you should be agreeable to having a kidney removed by a certified player of Hasbro’s “Operation.” I call BS on this one.
Looks like a fun toy. 😉 Grabbed, I hope I get it close to my nephew’s birthday.
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