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We are professional, agile, fast-paced, and our goal is to find an outgoing, team player to join our growing team. .
Our work environment includes:
Modern office setting
Growth opportunities
Safe work environment
On-the-job training
We’re looking for a computer technician to maintain our customer’s computers and networks. You will be responsible for updating, completing upgrades, virus removal and various other maintenance tasks on computer systems. You will also assist in establishing secure wireless connections and computers by diagnosing issues and implementing solutions. To succeed in this role, you should have a solid understanding of computer hardware and software troubleshooting, as well as solid knowledge of the Windows Operating System. Experience with various printers is also necessary to complete the job tasks. We want to see attention to detail, ability to work independently and a commitment for customer service, as you’ll contact end users to resolve problems and coordinate with third parties to solve issues.
Maintain and service computers, servers, printers and other hardware and software (e.g. antivirus software).
Install, configure and maintain network equipment.
Deploy and maintain security measures (e.g. firewalls).
Update computer operating systems.
Perform data backups and recover damaged files or computers.
Install or replace computer hardware or software.
Provide technical support to office staff.
Provide technical support to external clients.
Job Type: Full-time
Please email resume to jenn@abcssm.com
Only the ones selected for an interview will be contacted.
417 Trunk road
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