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CORRECTION: BrainChip Adds Rochester Institute of Technology to Its University AI Accelerator Program – Yahoo Finance

(This release corrects the release that was posted earlier on November 22, 2022 due to Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) being described incorrectly)
LAGUNA HILLS, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 22, 2022 / BrainChip Holdings Ltd (ASX:BRN)(OTCQX:BRCHF)(ADR:BCHPY), the world's first commercial producer of ultra-low power neuromorphic AI IP, today announced that the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) has joined the University AI Accelerator Program to ensure students have the tools and resources needed to encourage development of cutting-edge technologies that will continue to usher in an era of essential AI solutions.
Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is a highly accredited technology institute with AI engineering programs that conduct research on fundamental and applied topics in artificial intelligence. These include algorithms, logic, planning, machine learning, and applications from areas such as computer vision, robotics, and natural language processing.
BrainChip's University AI Accelerator Program provides hardware, training and guidance to students at higher education institutions with existing AI engineering programs. Students participating in the program will have access to real-world, event-based technologies offering unparalleled performance and efficiency to advance their learning through graduation and beyond.
Each Program session includes a demonstration and education of a working environment for BrainChip's Development Platforms (including Akida PCIe Boards, Akida Shuttle PCs and Akida Raspberry PIs), combined with lecture-based teaching methods and hands-on experiential exploration.
"Strong industry collaboration is a hallmark of RIT and plays a critical role in shaping our students' college experience," said Dr. Cory Merkel, Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering at RIT. "Working with leading technology companies like BrainChip will allow us to continue our tradition of providing students with training on cutting-edge technologies like neuromorphic hardware that will prepare them for tomorrow's high-tech industry. We're pleased to have the opportunity to join BrainChip's University AI Accelerator Program and look forward to having access to tools and resources that will make our students successful beyond their academic careers."
BrainChip's neural processor Al IP is an event-based technology that is inherently lower power when compared to conventional neural network accelerators. BrainChip IP supports incremental learning and high-speed inference in a wide variety of use cases, such as convolutional neural networks with high throughput and unsurpassed performance in micro watt to milli-watt power budgets. Among the markets that BrainChip's Essential AI technology will impact are the next generation of smart cars, smart homes of today and tomorrow, and industrial IoT.
"Having access to cutting-edge technology in academia is a great way for institutes of higher education to distinguish their curriculum and attract students looking for extra value from their educations," said Sean Hehir, BrainChip's CEO. "As AI enablement continues to proliferate as one of the leading technology paths for those pursuing a career in technology, the real-world advantages students will achieve by being a part of the BrainChip University AI Accelerator Program is immeasurable. We are proud to work with the faculty at RIT to ensure tomorrow's leaders have the resources they need today to succeed."
RIT joins current participants Arizona State University and Carnegie Mellon University in the first year of the accelerator program. Other institutions of higher education interested in how they can become members of BrainChip's University AI Accelerator Program can find more details at https://brainchip.com/brainchip-university-ai-accelerator/
About BrainChip Holdings Ltd (ASX: BRN, OTCQX: BRCHF, ADR: BCHPY)
BrainChip is the worldwide leader in edge AI on-chip processing and learning. The company's first-to-market neuromorphic processor, AkidaTM, mimics the human brain to analyze only essential sensor inputs at the point of acquisition, processing data with unparalleled efficiency, precision, and economy of energy. Keeping machine learning local to the chip, independent of the cloud, also dramatically reduces latency while improving privacy and data security. In enabling effective edge compute to be universally deployable across real world applications such as connected cars, consumer electronics, and industrial IoT, BrainChip is proving that on-chip AI, close to the sensor, is the future, for its customers' products, as well as the planet. Explore the benefits of Essential AI at www.brainchip.com.
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