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Cumberlands offering new artificial intelligence program – The Lane Report

WILLIAMSBURG, Ky.University of the Cumberlands is offering a new online Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence in Business degree program, with classes beginning in fall 2022.
The new online program will be offered in hybrid, synchronous, and asynchronous formats and can be completed within one year (12 months). Students in the program will study the application of AI in manufacturing, sales and marketing, healthcare, financial services and risk management as well as key theory and best practices in data visualization, AI and operations management, and AI in human resources. Students may begin courses during any term of the academic year. More information about the new program is available at www.ucumberlands.edu/masters-artificial-intelligence.
According to Lois McWhorter, chair of the Department of Business at Cumberlands, the new online MS in artificial intelligence in business degree program is especially advantageous for individuals who already have an undergraduate degree in business, computer science, computer engineering, information technology, or information systems.
Said McWhorter, “Typically, these undergraduate programs offer a broad curriculum but lack the depth of specialization provided in a master’s degree. This new master’s program in AI will build on students’ technical background and develop their knowledge of artificial intelligence and its applications in many facets of business. The program will provide appropriate knowledge and training to utilize these technologies in response to workplace demands.”
Per the new online program’s proposal submitted by the business faculty at Cumberlands, “Predictions are that companies will devote over 11% of their marketing budgets to advanced analytics by 2022 (Diorio, 2020)” and that “organizations will invest $125B by 2025 to integrate AI into their business processes.” The faculty added that the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics “expects computer occupations to increase by about 13% between 2016 and 2026. This increase is almost twice the average growth rate for all trades (ZipRecruiter, 2021).” The workforce need seemed high enough to necessitate creating a new online master’s degree in AI in business to give future students a step up in the business world.
Dr. Daniel Kanyam, director of graduate business programs at the university, said, “While there are numerous programs available in artificial intelligence nationwide, the majority focus on preparing those students to develop AI applications. Our new master’s in AI in business is unique as the focus is on preparing students to understand how AI can transform businesses to not only be more efficient, but develop entirely new services.”
University of the Cumberlands offers high-quality hybrid and online graduate programs at competitive costs. To learn more, visit www.ucumberlands.edu.
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