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By Journal Staff
Delta Engineers, Architects, Land Surveyors, & Landscape Architects, DPC (Delta) announced the recent addition of several new staff members.
NATHAN WAYLAND-SMITH has come aboard as an assistant engineer in the firm’s Vernon office. A recent graduate from SUNY Oswego with a bachelor’s degree in technology management, he also has an associate degree in remotely piloted aircraft systems. Wayland-Smith’s responsibilities will include providing professional, technical day-to-day design support and input, preparing engineering documents, details, schedules or reports, as well as attending client meetings, serving on field-inspection teams, and participating in site visits/inspections/documentation during construction.
ADAM C. THOMAS has joined Delta as an assistant construction administrator in the firm’s Endwell office. His typical project responsibilities include site supervision of ongoing construction, cost estimating, review of requests for information (RFIs) and submittals, issuing field-work directives, issuing noncompliance reports, and communication between project contractors and owners.
KYLE M. HEKELER joins Delta as a structural engineer in the firm’s Endwell office. A graduate of Clarkson University in 2022, Hekeler majored in civil engineering with a concentration in both structural engineering and construction engineering management. She also minored in architectural and facilities engineering. At Delta, some of her responsibilities will include the preparation of engineering documents, details, attending client meetings, serving on field inspection teams, and developing cost estimates.
RICHARD MARTIN has joined the firm as a construction inspector in Delta’s Vernon office. He brings more than 55 years of experience, having previously worked with highway-safety features including signs, signals, and guiderails. At Delta, his responsibilities include being responsible for the quality and thoroughness of the construction-administration phase of a project, performing peer review of civil and structural drawings, developing a schedule of submittals for projects, attending construction meetings, and acting as a representative between the design team and the client’s field staff.
ALWAYNE T. RILEY has come aboard as a project manager in the firm’s Endwell office. After graduating from the New York Institute of Technology with a master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering, Riley spent the next 10 years providing electrical design, specializing in building systems. His experience includes design work in the health care, residential, K-12, federal/state government, and commercial-market sectors on projects such as apartment blocks, schools, hospitals, and office spaces.
DANIEL L. GRACE has joined Delta as a construction inspector in its Endwell office. After serving two tours of duty in Afghanistan, Grace completed his associate degree in civil-engineering technology from SUNY Broome. He then worked in the precast-concrete industry until becoming a construction inspector in 2017. Grace has worked on a variety of projects including bridge repair and replacement projects, water-treatment plant improvements, and most recently served as a NICET Level 3 inspector on the Route 17 interchange reconstruction in Monticello. His responsibilities include providing on-site observation and recordkeeping duties, including reviewing submittals, monitoring construction operations, computing final quantities, completing diaries and daily work reports, reviewing contractor compliance with contract documents and EEO/DBE/MBE requirements, and reviewing payment requests.
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