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Election 2022: Cherry Hill School Board Candidate Adam Greenbaum – Patch

CHERRY HILL, NJ — In the 2022 general election, residents of South Jersey will be voting for state and local officials. Patch has asked candidates in contested races to answer profiles about their campaigns.
Here is the candidate profile of Adam Greenbaum, running for the Cherry Hill Board of Education.
Note that some voting locations have changed for the special election on October 6 in Cherry Hill.
Editor’s Note: Patch sent out emails to all candidates to the email addresses listed for their campaign provided to the office of the clerk. The responses received will be published between now and the Nov. 8 general election. Local candidates who would like to participate but did not receive one (for whatever reason) can contact Michelle.Rotuno-Johnson@patch.com.
Name: Adam Greenbaum
Age: 46
Town of residence: Cherry Hill, NJ
Position sought: Board of Education
Family: Wife, 7 year old son
Education: BS Computer Engineering, MBA
Occupation: Cyber Systems Security Engineer
What previous or current elected/appointed offices have you held?
No answer given.
Why are you seeking to run for the school board?
I moved to Cherry Hill with my family eleven years ago, and the reputation of Cherry Hill schools was a big part of that decision. I am running for a seat on the Cherry Hill Board of Education to have a positive impact on my community and to be a part of that success story.
What sets you apart from the other candidates?
I am passionate about education, and come from a family of educators. As an involved parent, I have attended district board and committee meetings, town council meetings, and have closely followed the wide array of issues affecting our schools. Through my professional experience, I will bring analytical thinking, business acumen, and leadership skills to the school board.
What is your stance on the bond referendum that is before Cherry Hill School District voters?
The foundation of a successful district is adequate funding, and for years, Cherry Hill has not received its fair share from the state. Through the hard work of the Fair Funding committee, Cherry Hill finally receives its full funding, but that does not make up for the decades-long shortfall. We have an opportunity this fall to pass a bond and provide funding to implement much needed repairs and updates across the district, and replenish capital reserves for years to come. This will ensure a healthy environment for our children that is conducive to learning and on par with the awards our schools earn for academic excellence. Please visit CherryHillTomorrow.com to learn more about the bond referendum, specific work that will be done, and its tax impact.
Would you have voted to transfer the teachers from Cherry Hill East to Cherry Hill West?
I support our amazing teachers, and strongly believe that their voices matter. In this case, it is important to note that HR issues are private, and the public is not privy to the rationale for these decisions. Teacher transfers are also a normal part of district operations, and there was a two year backlog following the pandemic. It was inspiring to hear from students on this issue, and how loved and valued our teachers are. Community voice is important, and I am glad people had the opportunity to express their concerns. It is my hope that these moves were justified, and that impacted teachers and staff continue to be valued in their new homes in our district.
What is your stance on the sexual education curriculum that Gov. Murphy put forth earlier this year?
I believe in the importance of age-appropriate health education. The district has been proactive in its communication with parents, and is transparent with making the curriculum and class materials available for review. The changes to existing health curriculums are actually pretty minimal, and families continue to have the option to opt their children out of any material they object to. I encourage all parents to review the changes for themselves in Atlas Rubicon. It is listed under Physical Education, and any changes will be highlighted in red.
What is the most important issue in your district and how do you intend to address it?
School funding is one of the most pressing issues for Cherry Hill schools right now. For years, the district has had to make difficult decisions to continue focusing on academics while finding ways to manage upkeep and repairs so our schools remain safe places to learn. The bond will have either been approved or rejected before the general election takes place in November, and the administration and school board members will face unique challenges either way.
What other issues do you feel must be tackled in your school district that have not been discussed already and how would you tackle these?
Equity and inclusion are key principles that should continue to be incorporated into the district’s processes and goals. Identifying and removing barriers to learning ensures that everyone has the same opportunities to succeed. This can include ethnicity, income level, gender, mental and physical abilities, language, and a host of other factors. When we all start on equal footing, every child is able to live up to their full potential.
Accessibility is a critical issue for many in our community, and factors into equity and inclusion. Prioritizing ADA compliance throughout the district ensures students of all abilities have the opportunity to do their best. Accessibility is not just a goal, but an ongoing effort to ensure new projects are accessible, and older facilities are updated accordingly. This will be increasingly important as the district moves forward with the bond referendum in the fall.
What else would you like to share about yourself or your campaign?
I live in Cherry Hill with my amazing wife and energetic son. I have a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from the University of Rhode Island, and master of business administration from Villanova University. I have worked as a cyber security expert in the aerospace and defense industries for twenty three years. I enjoy gardening, mountain biking, and am an avid photographer.
Please visit https://greenbaum4boe.com to learn more about me and my platform.

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