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Feature: Gazans aspire to live in peace in 2022 – Xinhua

Source: Xinhua
Editor: huaxia
2021-12-28 21:53:20
by Sanaa Kamal
GAZA, Dec. 28 (Xinhua) — Local residents in the Gaza Strip have expressed their aspire to live in peace in the upcoming year of 2022, after long period of suffering due to unstable political and economic situations.
Mahmoud Abu Jibara, a young Palestinian from al-Shati refugee camp in northwestern Gaza, told Xinhua that the year of 2021 was challenging for him primarily because of the tensions with Israel.
Jibara, who studies computer engineering at the Islamic University, said that life was completely stopped during the war. “When it finished, we witnessed destruction, unclear future and instability in many spheres.”
“I live in one of the largest refugee camps, which is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. Most of the people here live under the poverty line,” said the young man.
Al-Shati refugee camp is overcrowded and limited in space, as shelters are built close to each other, and there is a lack of public recreational and social facilities.
But Abu Jibara expressed his hope that 2022 will bring changes, mainly achieving peace with Israel, which would help the people to overcome their ongoing crises.
Kamal Mahdy, a Palestinian child from Gaza city, also said he would like to live a normal and peaceful life in the Gaza Strip, just as others do in other parts of the world.
Standing in front of a residential building destroyed by Israeli air raids in the recent round of tensions, the ten-year-old boy said that he was happy that the war was over and he was able to go back to his normal life.
“Now, my siblings, friends and I can go to schools and play together,” the child said, adding that he hopes all the destroyed buildings would be reconstructed as soon as possible to allow the Gazans to live in a safe area.
“We want to live like children in other countries who can play in playgrounds instead of hiding from bombs. We want Gaza to be a safe and beautiful place where we can live in peace,” he said.
Samaha Hana, 29-year-old mother of three from Rafah city in the south of the Strip, told Xinhua that they are looking forward to achieving real peace with Israel that would end the blockade against them.
She called on the Palestinian factions to cooperate with the Egypt, Qatar and international community to reach a peace deal with Israel.
The year of 2021 has not been easy for Gazans who continue to suffer from the unstable political and economic situations, she stressed.
Israel announced that it would ease the situation in Gaza in a bid to keep calm, including allowing the workers to enter its territories to work inside Israel.
Since 2007, the Palestinians have been suffering from internal division, with the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) taking control of the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian Authority ruling the West Bank.
Israel imposed a tight blockade on the Gaza Strip in 2007 and has launched four large-scale military operations in the Gaza Strip, home to more than two million people.
The last round of tensions that took place in May 2021 has been considered as the most intense one since 2014, according to many residents that Xinhua interviewed. The bloody conflict left more than 250 Palestinians and 13 Israelis dead. Enditem


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