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Forty students at the College of Engineering (CoE)-NU, qualified at the first screening level hosted by the EIDAAD team – Times of Oman

For the current year Eidaad program, the first screening online exam was scheduled between Sunday 22nd May to 28th May 2022. We understand that more than 850 students from 23 universities/colleges in Oman attended the online assessment of the Eidaad program. The online exam hosted by Eidaad is considered one of the toughest competitive exams in the region because it tested cognitive skills and the thriving index of the applicants though a well-developed assessment tool. This assessment was developed to meet industry standards and to measure general mental ability, capacity for critical thinking and numerical reasoning.
As per the criteria set for the EIDAAD program, 97 students across 9 engineering disciplines viz; Process Operations and Maintenance, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Quantity Surveying and Cost Management, Computer Engineering, Electrical Power Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering, and IT Management for Business attempted the first screening online exam.

Forty students of CoE successfully passed the first level of screening through the entrance test. (50% mark was set as a minimum threshold to pass this test). These 40 students who cleared the first screening level will now progress to the next round of screening and allotment in the industry. All students in this internship program are expected to start in September 2022, after completing the necessary formalities.
Eidaad scheme is a unique initiative where engineering students are placed in the industry for one year on job training for acquiring practical skills. This internship program exposes students to relevant industries and transforms them to be ready for employment. This initiative is in collaboration between academia and private sector led by PDO.


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