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Jan. 19, 2022
By Memorial University
Memorial University is pleased to announce that three course-based master’s programs have received Senate and Board of Regents approval and will welcome their first students for September 2022.
Students will be able to choose among a master of applied science in software engineering, a master of artificial intelligence and a master of data science. At full capacity these programs will provide up to 85 highly skilled graduate level professionals per year to meet a growing demand across technology sectors in the province, particularly in the high-tech industry. This nearly doubles the number of master’s graduates in these fields at Memorial.
“Part of Memorial’s special obligation to the people of Newfoundland and Labrador is ensuring we provide high-quality programs that help to meet the needs of our local economy and beyond,” said Dr. Vianne Timmons, president and vice-chancellor. “Our faculties of Science, and Engineering and Applied Science, are uniquely positioned to bring academic expertise, a wealth of research experience and a unique understanding of the province’s industry needs to support important areas of our economy like the high-tech sector. I am proud of the work Team Memorial has done to introduce these innovative new programs for students.”
“Developing the talent pipeline to support our innovation economy is a priority for Newfoundland and Labrador,” said Premier Andrew Furey. “The addition of these master’s level programs will increase the number of people with the skills needed to support economic growth. We’re proud to work with Memorial, and other industry partners, to advance the continued growth and development of the technology sector and the many others influenced by technology.”
“Newfoundland and Labrador’s tech sector grows in confidence and ability every day,” said Seamus O’Regan Jr., federal minister of Labour. “With the support of Memorial University, it punches above its weight. We’re taking on the world and thriving here at home.”
“Given the growing demand for software engineers by employers, and the expected rapid growth of this profession over the next few decades, the development of our software engineering graduate degree has become a priority for us to respond to industry needs,” said Dr. Greg Naterer, dean of Engineering and Applied Science. “The development of this joint program with Computer Science is especially timely, positioning our university as a national leader in this exciting field.”
“The Faculty of Science is excited to add these new master’s programs to our complement,” said Dr. Travis Fridgen, acting dean of Science. “Data science and artificial intelligence are high demand areas that span several sectors, industries and areas of academic discipline. This is evident in the cooperative nature of the delivery of these new master’s programs across units and faculties. Advancing graduate education in these fields benefits our economy here at home and around the world.”
“The technology sector in our province is thriving and expanding at an explosive rate. A roadblock to our continued success is the availability of talent,” said Marlayne Hardy, acting CEO, techNL. “Simply put, we need more people with the skills, education, and experience to join our tech companies and enable their growth. Memorial University’s three new master’s programs will help meet the growing demand for talent in the sector.”
Students who wish to learn more about these programs can contact Memorial at the contacts below.
For detailed application instructions, please visit here.
More information about these programs will be added here in the coming weeks.
Over the past five years, the number of graduates from Memorial’s undergraduate computer science and computer engineering programs have seen continued strong growth, nearly tripling in that period of time.
In addition, Memorial’s Fisheries and Marine Institute has been a leading innovator in technology education and training through its diploma, undergraduate and graduate degrees in ocean technology and technology management.
Memorial continues to work collaboratively with government and industry to attract and retain highly qualified professionals across the tech sector and to grow related programming.
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