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Kajal | Sep 30, 2022 | Views 4536

Honeywell Hiring Lead Software Engr 
Honeywell is hiring an experienced Lead Software Engr at their Bangalore location. You will be instrumental in designing, planning and coordinating work teams, as well as providing technical support. You will also generate innovative solutions in work situations; trying different and novel ways to deal with problems and opportunities. You will interface and exchange with internal and external customers, vendors and suppliers throughout the life of the project.
The complete details of this job are as follows:-
The Ideal Candidate should be able to:
Requirements and design.
Software architecture and coding.
Feature Definition.
Customer Support.
Verification and Validation.
Ability to code in multiple languages.
Analytical skills & software development skills.
Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Computer Science.
Understanding various software development lifecycle.
Significant relevant experience.
Knowledge of software configuration management and change management practices
Diverse and global teaming and collaboration.
Effective communicator.
Wide degree of creativity and latitude.
Individuals who are self-motivated and able to work with little supervision, who consistently take the initiative to get things done, do things before being asked by others or forced to by events.
Ability to find the correct balance between demand and capacity when establishing organizational priorities.
Analytical skills & software development skills.
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