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HPU Welcomes Global Leaders to Campus to Mentor Students – High Point University

HIGH POINT, N.C., Sept. 16, 2022 – High Point University welcomed two global leaders to campus this week to kick off the first Access to Innovators program opportunities this semester. World-renowned patent attorney JiNan Glasgow George, HPU’s Intellectual Property Expert in Residence, visited on Sept. 14, and Hall of Fame speaker Dr. Willie Jolley, HPU’s Personal Development Expert in Residence, visited on Sept. 15.
George spoke to several student groups across campus, including those majoring in game design, electrical and computer engineering, entrepreneurship and more. One of her lectures involved the legal aspect of game development, including trade secrets, intellectual property and copyright.
“If you are first in line with a patent, no one can get in front of you,” said George. “Intellectual property is valuable. Remember that it’s about business, and that it is worth something.”
She added that it’s also good to start writing down ideas for patents and businesses.
“You have to document your ideas,” said George. “How many of you journal and how often do you journal? We learn through journaling that it’s not only nice to do, but it can also be rewarding. This is the first step in transforming ideas into assets.”
HPU students use the knowledge learned from global leaders in their studies and future careers.
“Having opportunities like this gives me access to great knowledge to help make a strong foundation when achieving my goals,” said Nate Bryant, a junior game design major from Waxhaw, North Carolina. “I learned how looking up patents and copyrights from others can be a great asset to learning how they are made but also a great way to make connections for jobs and internships by conversing with the companies and people that produced them.”
Jolley spoke to students in HPU’s Hayworth Fine Arts Center during two sessions on developing an attitude of excellence. He says to win in life, you must transform your mindset.
“When you change your thinking, you change your future,” said Jolley. “It also takes understanding attitude versus aptitude to win in life. You need to start off with unlocking the secrets to a good mindset, which is attitude. Then you can add in your skillsets, which is aptitude.”
Sophomore Gabrielle Tita, a marketing student at HPU, also interviewed Jolley on the university’s Access to Innovators Podcast.
“This is one of the reasons I picked HPU,” said Tita, a sophomore marketing major from Durham, North Carolina. “Every day, I find more reasons why I love HPU. I love that HPU connects students to leaders like Willie Jolley and helps create these relationships. While I was interviewing him, I was soaking in all of his advice and wisdom.”
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