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HPU Welcomes Historic Number of New Students this Move|In Weekend – High Point University

This weekend, HPU welcomes its largest group of new students in history at 1,600, as well as the largest total enrollment of 6,000 students. HPU President Dr. Nido Qubein is pictured with the Marching Panthers preparing to welcome the first group of students moving into campus on Friday.
High Point University’s Move-In Weekend brings 20,000 visitors to the city, generating $5.15 million in economic impact.
HIGH POINT, N.C., Aug. 20, 2022 – Energy levels were at maximum capacity this weekend on High Point University’s campus as hundreds of faculty, staff and student volunteers welcomed HPU’s largest group of new students.
As is tradition, volunteers and the HPU Marching Panthers band cheered for the Class of 2026 when they arrived throughout Friday and today. Then, volunteers swiftly unloaded vehicles moved items to residence halls, making the day seamless for HPU’s newest family members.
“Driving onto campus and seeing everyone happy and smiling makes you feel at home at HPU,” said Marie Engel, parent of freshman Vanessa from Hamilton Square, New Jersey. “The energy and the vibe when we pulled up to her dorm was very welcoming. You won’t see this happen at any other university.”
HPU welcomes this weekend its largest group of new students in history at 1,600, as well as the largest total enrollment of 6,000 students. The Class of 2026 represents 44 states, with New Jersey and New York the most represented. This year’s new students have completed more than 90,000 community service hours, 49 students are joining their siblings on campus and 20% of the class are first generation college students.
HPU’s Move-In Weekend brings in more than 20,000 people to campus and around the community, boosting the economy for local restaurants, hotels and shops.
“Move-In weekend is an impactful boost to our local economy as a record-breaking 20,000 visitors generate an estimated $5.15 million of economic impact in our city and surrounding communities,” said Melody Burnett, president of Visit High Point. “Our area businesses are rejoicing in this homecoming as HPU students and families are valued customers.”
Freshman Carson Teed, whose family traveled from their home near Boston, Massachusetts, said his older brother Grant’s experience at HPU influenced his decision. Teed got a head start by taking the four-week Summer Advantage program.
“Because of the experience of my brother, it just made sense that this was the college I would apply to,” said Teed, who is interested in studying sport management or psychology.
“To me it is the true caring of everybody in every role here, starting with Dr. Qubein all the way down,” said Diane Teed, mother of Carson and Grant. “I had not envisioned our two boys going to school so far away from home. After our first visit here with Grant, I just had a sense that the commitment to excellence and the support for students was real. I knew that individualized attention would be here in a way I hadn’t seen at all the other schools.”
She and her husband, Glenn Teed, say their son Grant, an incoming senior, had been happy and transformed since he started attending HPU. Grant gained self-confidence and became ready for a professional career, his father said. Even though the brothers will be far from home, the Teeds feel confident the HPU community will be supportive.
New students chose HPU for a variety of reasons, from impressive academic programs to experiential learning opportunities and an inviting campus atmosphere. Grace Gainey, a Presidential Scholar, is looking forward to the Women’s L.I.F.T. Fellowship Program.
“I chose HPU because of the life skills opportunities that will prepare me like no other school would,” said Gainey, from Summerfield, North Carolina. “The life skills at HPU prepare you to have the interview skills, communication skills and other skills that you won’t get at other schools. Dr. Qubein is very inspirational, and I love the aspects HPU celebrates of God, family and country. Those three things are important to me.”
Gainey’s brother, Sam, is a sophomore at HPU. The family found out about the university when their father, Jason, heard Dr. Qubein provide the keynote presentation at a national conference.
“I started hearing more and more about Dr. Qubein and the university,” said Jason Gainey. “You see him around campus interacting with students, and you don’t find that at other schools. He’s very involved with students and with the community. The experiential learning is important to me as a parent, too. When these students graduate, they leave with real-world experience and skills beyond textbooks.”
Freshman Leah Quill of New Jersey selected High Point University because she felt like she was at home as soon as she walked onto campus.
“There are so many resources available at HPU that made me feel I could be very successful here,” said Quill. “HPU is quite differently than other universities because the president comes from a business background rather than one in teaching/academic administration. I think this is groundbreaking, not only in the way campus is run, but also in what connections and resources are available on campus. As many say, ‘It’s about who you know and what experience you have.’ HPU can provide that, which will allow it to be a fantastic avenue for me to achieve my goals.”
Mac Webster, a freshman from Boise, Idaho, credits his sister for introducing him to HPU. He remembers her saying that this would be a great university for him to attend and that he was home.
“As soon as I entered, everyone was very welcoming,” said Webster. “I like how I’m continuing to learn life skills at The Premier Life Skills University, which I also learned in high school. At HPU, you’re not only going to learn the stuff that you need to know, but also how to prepare for a business dinner or how to dress for events.”
The Marley family is originally from Australia and moved to the United States 18 years ago. This is their second Move-In Weekend experience at HPU, with their daughter Jess graduating in May and their son Ben just starting his college journey.
“HPU has impressed us by the breadth of opportunities they offer to students and how welcoming everyone is,” said Georgie Marley, mother of Ben from Eastchester, New York. “We love the life skills aspect that is preparing students for life, and we love what Dr. Qubein has done for the university to make it a well-rounded place to send our kids. We are certain that Ben will thrive and have just as great an experience at HPU as his sister did.”
“I selected High Point University because it aligned with my values,” said freshman Catarina Guimaraes, of Cranford, New Jersey. “I wanted a school that would nurture my competitiveness and wasn’t just about studying from a book. I believe HPU will help me navigate the professional world and teach me to become the best version of myself. I want to become someone who helps others, and High Point University is the best place to help me with that.”
Welcome Week continues Sunday with Opening Convocation at 9 a.m., when HPU President Qubein will lead the keynote address at the Qubein Arena and Conference Center.
Overheard at HPU Move-In Day
Below is a snapshot of reactions from HPU freshmen and their parents.
“The environment and the people I met here are really welcoming,” said Maddie Smith, a freshman from York, South Carolina. “I applied Early Decision because I liked HPU more than all the other schools I looked at and really saw myself growing here. The early move-in day for Early Decision students on Friday was the easiest thing ever.”
“Move-In Day has been incredibly efficient,” said Julie Padgett, mother of Anna from Richmond, Virginia. “I think we had my daughter’s car unpacked in two minutes and we were off to unpack. It’s fantastic that such nice students brought her stuff to her room. Today has been effortless.”
“Just getting things set up and walking around and exploring stuff I haven’t seen before has been great,” said Ethan Luth, a freshman from Marion, Iowa, who found move-in activities exciting. He said he selected HPU because of its computer engineering program. He looks forward to meeting new people and joining clubs.
“It’s been awesome so far,” said his mother, Tabitha Luth. “Our welcome was incredibly fun. We’ve made quite a few new friends.”
“Flawless execution” was how parent Jacki Feild of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, described moving her daughter, Carter Feild, into Blessing Hall. “As long as it took us to pack the car, it was empty in nanoseconds. The vibe is so positive. Everybody has been so welcoming and generous to lighten the mood, which can be pretty heavy. We’re very happy with how it all went.”
“I love the life skills focus and being a part of the honors program,” said freshman Rowan Trietley, from Castle Rock, Colorado. “If you want a university that will help you get on the right career track and have professors that want to support and care about you, this is the right place to be.”
The Blanda family is from Santa Clara, California, and heard about HPU from family friends.
“I knew my son would be safe at HPU, that he would be taken care of and he would be supported here,” said Renee Blanda, mother of Mitchell, a freshman who moved in on Saturday. “It was very important for me to have Mitchell at a place where I wouldn’t worry about him. I know how well the university handled COVID-19, and I know this is a place where students can openly communicate and learn.”
The Lawhorne family drove hundreds of miles to move in their son, Reed, on Friday. They say the values of HPU aligns with their values.
“The God, family, country aspect is huge for us,” said Brad Lawhorne, father of Reed, from Reading, Pennsylvania. “Both of our families have people in our lives who have served and are in law enforcement. It’s important to us to see a university that instills those values in our son.”
“One of the reasons I applied Early Decision to HPU was the community service opportunities on campus and around the community,” said freshman Zaria Owens, from Hampton, Georgia, and founder of a nonprofit. “I also knew HPU was the school for me when I first visited it in eighth grade.”
“Visiting campus made me realize High Point University really was the spot for me,” said Calvin Byrd, a freshman from Grand Rapids, Michigan. “Getting to know people and adjusting to life on campus is the next step.”
Kim Shipes, of Cary, North Carolina, was all smiles after moving her daughter Hampton into her dorm room.“This is our second child here,” said Snipes.
“There’s tons of energy and a celebration going on that set the tone. When we were waiting in line, a Student Success Coach came up and started chatting with her, gave her some resources and completely put her at ease. The personal touch is exceptional.”


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