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Enhance your major with technology skills and knowledge that will boost your abilities in problem solving, decision making and high-level analysis and strategy. This Information Systems minor teaches students to recognize that the world is filled with systems, and how to harness value through information gained. You’ll approach studying systems through sharpening analytical skills, experience working with data and databases, learning how enterprises achieve quality, and gaining insights into managing organizations and people.
Systems is a high-value interdisciplinary area with continued demand, and will give you a competitive advantage in your fields. You’ll be prepared to be more effective in the world as a result of being able to see the world in terms of systems, and of knowing how to work with information.
The minor is a valuable complement to a wide range of majors that will broaden your opportunities in the job market including Finance, Management, Computer Science–Digital Media, and Computer Science–Cybersecurity. Talk to your Admissions Counselor about how an Information Systems minor can fit with your college plans.
Students interested in course descriptions and academic policies can check out our Undergraduate Catalog.
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