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Through their engagement with quad communities, fellows will support undergraduate intellectual exploration outside of the classroom
Seven faculty members have been chosen to serve as Duke’s first QuadEx Faculty Fellows, responsible for fostering connections between Duke’s academic mission and undergraduate students’ social and residential lives.
Each QuadEx Faculty Fellow will be closely associated with (but will not reside in) one of Duke’s seven quad communities. They will work in partnership with students to enhance the intellectual life of their quads and to support undergraduate students’ intellectual growth beyond the classroom.

The mission of the QuadEx initiative was the impetus for a new Orientation Week program of experiential learning and community building for the entire Class of 2026.
The fellows were selected from a field of more than 70 regular-rank faculty members who were nominated for the positions.
“This is an exciting new addition to our undergraduate experience, and one that I expect will be rewarding for students and faculty members alike,” said Provost Sally Kornbluth. “Each of the fellows has shown extraordinary dedication to undergraduate students, and I look forward to seeing the creative approaches they will introduce to further connect living and learning at Duke.”
The inaugural QuadEx Faculty Fellows are: (Click on name to see accompanying video)
Abdullah Antepli 
Associate Professor of the Practice
Sanford School of Public Policy
Quad affiliation: Edens
Lee Baker
Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Sociology, and African and African American Studies
Trinity College of Arts & Sciences
Quad affiliation: Keohane
Shani B. Daily
Professor of the Practice in Electrical and Computer Engineering & Computer Science
Pratt School of Engineering and Trinity College of Arts & Sciences
Quad affiliation: Craven
Didem Havlioglu
Associate Professor of the Practice of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Trinity College of Arts & Sciences
Quad affiliation: Wannamaker
Yue Jiang
Assistant Professor of the Practice of Statistical Science
Trinity College of Arts & Sciences
Quad affiliation: Few
Greg Samanez-Larkin
Jack H. Neely Associate Professor, Psychology and Neuroscience
Trinity College of Arts & Sciences
Quad affiliation: Kilgo
Deondra Rose
Kevin D. Gorter Associate Professor of Public Policy
Sanford School of Public Policy
Quad affiliation: Crowell
In addition to their work with members of Craven and Kilgo quads, professors Shani B. Daily and Gregory Samanez-Larkin will serve as lead Levitan Faculty Fellows responsible for overall development of the fellows program.
Fellows have already begun working with student leaders to identify fall semester activities and programming.
QuadEx is an inclusive living and learning model that builds upon the history, values and spirit of Duke to enhance and integrate the social, residential, and intellectual lives of undergraduates.
QuadEx structures and resources work together to strengthen on-campus communities, enable deeper exploration of intellectual interests, and support student wellbeing and growth.

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