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MITWPU received 19 patents at a time: Recognition from Australian Patent Office – Free Press Journal

The researchers, professors and students of various disciplines of engineering at MIT WPU, Pune are granted with 19 patents at a time from Australian patents office. Perhaps, this is the first of a kind recognition that any engineering researchers from any university have received as many patents at a time. Out of 19 patents granted, School of Mechanical Engineering has 5, Civil engineering has 3, Computer Engineering and Electronics engineering are granted with 5 each and Human Resource department are granted with 1 patent. The Vice Chancellor of MIT WPU Prof. Dr. R. M. Chitnis addressed in the press conference.
The Pro Vice Chancellor of MITWPU, Prof. Dr. Milind Pande, Pro Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Prasad Khandekar, Associate Deans, Prof. Dr. Bharat Choudhary and Prof. Dr. Anil Hiwale and Head of School of Mechanical Engineering Prof. Dr. Ganesh M. Kakandikar was also present during the occasion.
Prof. Dr. R. M. Chitnis added that, MITWPU is organizing various programs and providing the platform to motivate our students for the research and innovation. The main objective of research and innovation must be to find the solution for current problems in the society and ultimately it should benefit the society at large.
MITWPU provides the guidance to all the teachers from other universities to receive such intellectual property rights.
Prof. Dr. Prasad Khandekar told that, Civil engineering received 3 patents. It includes ” A Thermal conductivity meter for determining thermal conductivity of civil structures” by Prof. Sumant Shinde, Prof. Mrudula Kulkarni and Prof. Prakash Mainkar and another patent entitled “A mold for repairing additives for stabilization of soil and additives prepared their form” by Prof. Ganesh Ingale and Prof. Sudhir Patil. Adim climate zone of India: Assessment of day light illumination’s intensities and estimation of moderate climate zones of India.
Mechanical Engineering received total 5 patents including Prof. Dr. Anita Nene, Nabhrun Bhattacharya, Gaurav Shethi, and Vineet Oswal’s patent entitled “Conducting Liquid Vortex DC meter”. Prof. Dr. Anita Nene’s “A Thermal Solar Energy Concentrator System”. Prof. Dr. Ganesh Kakandikar, Prof. Dr. Anil Mashelkar and Prof. Omkar Kulkarni’s patent entitled “A Micro Forming Device” and along with same group students Abhishek Jadhav ‘s patent entitled “A Flexible Dip Drawing Arrangements”.
Computer branch received 5 patents. It includes the patent of Prof. Balaso Jagdale, Prof. Shaunak Sugawe and Prof. Yogesh Kulkarni’s “A fake news scanner system embedded in smart watch architecture”. Prof. Prachi Sarode’s patent entitled “A multi varient query response for dot aggregation in wireless sensor network”. Prof. Aniket Ingawale and Prof. Vitthal Gutte’s Har Gav Bijali patent entitled “A system and method for monitoring communicating and altering power failure and theft”. Prof. Lalit Kulkarni, Prof. Balaso Jagdale and Prof. Samidha Sirsikar’s patent entitled “A system employs an opportunistic network for disseminating emergency information in vehicular network”. Prof. Milind Pande, Prof. Mangesh Bedekar, Prof. Vishal Pawar’s patent entitled “A zone specific whether monitoring system” included in it.
Electronics department received 5 patents. Including, Prof. Arti Khapardr’s patent entitled “Higher order design of digital CIFB sigma Delta modulator “. Prof. Prasad Khandekar received 2 patents including “A Boundary circuit for interfacing an adiabatic circuit with Cimos circuit” and “FPGA custom overlay for compute intensive balks of jpeg compression”. Prof. Bhavana Tipale and Prof. Madhura Pathak’s patent entitled “Method for providing information associate with procimal surrounding”. Prof. Sumedh Sirsikar, Prof. Abhishek Chunawake, Prof. Prasad Khandekar, Prof. Lalit Kulkarni and Prof. Balaso Jagdale’s patent entitled “A brain signal controlled wheel chair with augmented reality” and from human resource engineering department, Mrs. Swpna Saoji and Prof. Milind Pande’s patent entitled “A system for automatic management of activities pertaining to human resource management”.
Prof. Milind Pande told that to motivate the innovation and creativity amongst the students, MITWPU is organizing HackMITWPU-22 in this month. The best ideas or innovations can be converted into commercial products with research grant from the university. Later, it can be patented for property rights, he added.
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