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MP Computer Engineer Quits Job to Take Up Farming, Aims to Earn Rs 20 lakh a Year – msnNOW

Despite having a comfortable job as a computer engineer, a man from Madhya Pradesh took to farming after realizing his true calling. However, instead of going for traditional methods of growing crops, he has chosen unconventional ways and has now aimed to earn up to Rs 20 lakh through farming this year, reported Navbharat Times.
The man, Harshvardhan Majeji, hails from the Thara-Thari village of Madhya Pradesh’s Shivpuri district. Majeji had obtained a degree in computer engineering and worked in Indore after bagging a well-paying job.
Majeji came from a farming background and was familiar with the various issues facing farmers. Once, while working as an engineer, Majeji learned about a new farming trend where people were growing new crops instead of opting for conventional crops.
Soon, he realized that farmers in his village also needed to adopt the new trend so that even they could reap its benefits. Following this, Harshvardhan Majeji took the tough decision to leave his job and step into farming.
He began by growing capsicum on his 5-acre land using the drip irrigation method. Using the technique, Majeji witnessed a good yield and has so far produced nearly 10,000 kilograms of capsicum.
Going by the figures and considering the current rate of the vegetable in the market, Majeji can easily fetch up to Rs 20 lakh a year by selling his produce. Traditionally, farmers in Shivpuri grew crops like wheat, gram, peanut, and soybean. While these crops may sometimes lead to a profit, there is a huge risk involved in it. But, Mejeji has taken up the responsibility to raise awareness about the new farming techniques in his village so that all farmers enjoy a higher yield and better profits.
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