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January 1, 2023
12:05 AM
A national leader in demolition and environmental remediation, Brandenburg has more than 50 years vested in project completions and customer service.
The firm has the knowledge, expertise and resources to meet the challenges of any demolition requiring material removal, soil remediation, asset recovery and site preparation. The Brandenburg team completes over 200 projects each year.
Engineering specialists are experienced in all facets of industrial and commercial demolition. The company’s extremely low employee turnover rate has resulted in a wealth of operational expertise uncommon in the industry. The company has established a proven track record of meeting and exceeding operational and commercial goals for all sizes of projects.
Projects range from the demolition of single-story structures to the total decommissioning of entire industrial complexes. Below are descriptions of the primary services the firm provides.
The team at Brandenburg completes demolition, plant decommissioning and site preparation services for industrial facility owners and site developers. Major industries served include:
The team also provides comprehensive asset retirement services for total plant closures as well as selective demolition designed to explicitly enhance the efficiency and profitability of ongoing operations. Associated services include scrap management, environmental assessments, equipment salvage and site preparation.
Environmental engineering
Environmental remediation is performed for a wide spectrum of customers that participate in voluntary state cleanup programs. In addition, its civil and environmental engineering professionals have completed projects for potentially responsible parties under EPA’s Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act, commonly known as Superfund. Brandenburg’s staff provides waste management/permitting, chemical manufacturing, civil engineering, laboratory analysis, site remediation and regulatory compliance. The company also offers asbestos abatement, environmental remediation and ancillary services, including facility decontamination, drum management, underground storage tank removal, waste minimization analysis and emergency response.
Asset recovery expertise
Hundreds of thousands of ferrous and nonferrous scrap are processed by the company each year. They own and operate portable spectrometers to provide onsite scrap chemistry analysis, and its central scrap management operations are ISO 9001 certified. The company utilizes a vetted network of used equipment dealers as well as an extensive industrial customer base to maximize salvage equipment sales. Brandenburg also provides rigging and transportation services for the removal and delivery of salvaged equipment.
High-tech site preparation
Brandenburg’s engineers utilize 3D computer-aided drafting programs to create accurate terrain models for earthwork projects. Areas and volumes are precisely calculated using state-of-the-industry survey equipment. Robotic total stations and global positioning systems are used to ensure precise surveys and document significant elements at each site.
Background maps and digital terrain models accurately navigate specific elements of each site and determine the designed grades for the entire project.
Industry leadership by design
performance, cutting-edge investments and forward-thinking practices make it an industry leader. The following are a few reasons why the firm keeps its position as a top-performing innovator.
Safe site innovators
In an industry involving structural demolition and hazardous situations, a focus on absolute safety is paramount. Brandenburg was the first demolition contractor to successfully complete the OSHA Challenge Program and to be certified as a Star Member in OSHA’s prestigious Voluntary Protection Program (VPP). Star Member designation is VPP’s highest level of recognition.
The company maintains a staff of safety professionals with backgrounds in civil engineering, industrial hygiene, chemical, mining, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, refinery and power generation. Staff includes a certified industrial hygienist; certified safety professionals; graduate safety practitioners; certified health and safety technicians; a safety-trained supervisor; a certified environmental, safety and health trainer; American Heart Association instructors; special government employees; OSHA construction outreach trainers; and former OSHA compliance officers.
It also promotes safe work practices through a behavior-based safety program, intensive and continual worker training and strict enforcement of the firm’s written safety program. The company’s safety efforts have been recognized by many of its customers, from small businesses to elite Fortune 500 companies such as Dow, Gilbane, Turner Construction and bp.
Emergency response leaders
An essential player in emergency response situations, Brandenburg has also assisted first responders with structural collapses, fires and disasters. Government entities depend on the Brandenburg team to provide emergency response training, pre- and post-event consultation, specialized recovery equipment, skilled labor and structural engineering expertise.
Investors in heavy equipment
The company’s current fixed-asset replacement value is in excess of $150 million. All equipment, including a fleet of roll-off trucks and tractor trailers, is company-owned and maintained. In addition to commercially available equipment, its experienced engineers and innovators design and fabricate custom attachments for specialized applications and its equipment managers adhere to strict preventive maintenance schedules to ensure all equipment is consistently safe and reliable.
Insurance assurance and bonding
Brandenburg carries general liability insurance with a separate environmental liability policy written on an occurrence basis, and all insurance companies underwriting policies hold Best’s ratings of A+ XV. In addition, Brandenburg can provide payment and performance bonding for any project through an A+ XV-rated bond underwriter, Continental Casualty Company.
Offices throughout the U.S.
The company maintains divisional offices in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Texas and welcomes visits from clients and interested parties.
For more information, visit brandenburg.com or call (800) 932-2869.
January 1, 2023
12:05 AM
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