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Photos of the year: 2021 – News @ Northeastern – News@Northeastern

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2021 was a year of inspiration, perseverance, and growth, and News@Northeastern’s award-winning photographers worked tirelessly to capture it all—including new achievements for Northeastern, life during the COVID-19 pandemic, and cutting-edge research. Have another look back before moving on to 2022.
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Ultrasounds can help physicians quickly and thoroughly examine patients, catch potential issues early, and track health changes from year to year, says Dr. Gian Corrado, the head team physician at Northeastern.
Billy Starr, a Northeastern graduate who founded the Pan-Mass Challenge in 1980, urged graduates of Northeastern’s College of Professional Studies to use the skills and knowledge that they have acquired at the university to nurture their most fervent interests in life.
Yasmina Khashoggi wanted to eat healthy, but like many people, was tempted by junk food everywhere she went. At train…
For a few moments during Northeastern’s 2019 undergraduate Commencement ceremony, it was silent in TD Garden. More than 20,000 people—soon-to-be…
Practice your Chinese calligraphy. Learn more about facial recognition technology. Cheer on the baseball team. These are just a few…
Northeastern students who received their doctoral degrees on Wednesday had to complete rigorous coursework, take qualifying exams, and conduct extensive…
The first class of Northeastern’s Khoury College of Computer Sciences was honored on Monday by the college’s namesake, accomplished entrepreneur…
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