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Rock Solid awards 7 scholarships to Puerto Rico college students – newsismybusiness.com

Technology company Rock Solid Technologies Inc. awarded seven scholarships to engineering students, marking the initiative’s 21st consecutive year, accompany officials announced.

To increase the number of young people on the island interested in developing in the technology industry, for the first time, Rock Solid invited other universities that are known for teaching technology, namely the Polytechnic University, in addition to the University of Puerto Rico.

“Rock Solid has been able to successfully compete abroad thanks to our talented employees and students who have joined our team for the past 21 years. The Rock Solid Scholarship recognizes the talent of young Puerto Ricans and its goal is to make it easier for these young people to not only learn and develop, but also have an impact on our company, our clients, and in Puerto Rico,” said Alexis Pérez, vice president of the company, who added that the scholarships are valued at more than $250,000.

“We trust that they will reap many fruits with the experience that this opportunity will offer them,” said Pérez, who handed out the awards.

The Rock Solid Scholarship consists of an award of $3,000 and a paid internship of two to six months, when students work directly in software product development for company clients in North America, Central America and the Caribbean.

“Rock Solid is very pleased to be able to celebrate the achievements of these students and play a small role in their educational careers. The seven interns we have been fortunate to welcome onto our team in recent months have all impressed us with their technical skills, your enthusiasm to learn and your potential — all traits we appreciate,” said Rock Solid CEO Tom Spengler.

“On behalf of Rock Solid, we’re grateful for your hard work and wish you much success in the future. We would love to see you continue in the technology field and please consider coming back as full-time employees,” he said.

There are 44 prior winners of the Rock Solid Scholarship working at the company.

This year’s winners are Software Engineering students from the University of Puerto Rico’s Mayagüez Campus, Francisco Vera, Dediriz Figueroa, José Martínez and Daniel Mena; from the Ponce Campus, Accounting student Maria Cales, and Computer Science student Dave Pérez. From the Polytechnic University, Computer Engineering student Fabián García. These students have already joined Rock Solid.

The application period for the 2023 Rock Solid Scholarship has just begun and applicants have until Nov. 23, 2022. For more details, visit the RockSolid.com website or send an email.

Scholarship requirements are being a full-time student, have completed two years of college studies, have a general average of 3.00 or more and take university courses in the fields of Computer Engineering, Information Systems, Software, Computer Science or Accounting. Students are required to submit letters of recommendation and an essay, as well as go through an interview process with the Rock Solid management team.

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