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Springer Nature expands its eBook portfolio of artificial intelligence, electrical engineering and computer science resources – Scientific Computing World

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Springer Nature has announced the acquisition of the Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science from Morgan & Claypool Publishers, a pioneer in online publishing of books on the newest areas of engineering and computer science.
With the acquisition of the Synthesis Digital Library, Springer Nature strengthens its book portfolio in Artificial Intelligence, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The high-quality portfolio of Synthesis adds more than 1000 books with a current output of about 100 books every year to Springer Nature’s book program. With its strengths in Artificial Intelligence and roots in the American scientific communities, this acquisition is a valuable extension of Springer Nature´s leading book program in Engineering and Computer Science. Synthesis, launched in 2005, is one of the most cited book series in technology and Springer Nature will continue with the imprint as part of its book program.
Dr Niels Peter Thomas, managing director, books, commented: ‘We’re very pleased to acquire the Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science from Morgan & Claypool Publishers. This high-value content fits extremely well into our product portfolio and its acquisition works toward our strategic priority of growing market share in Applied Sciences. We are fortunate to bring the editorial talent from Morgan & Claypool to Springer Nature and we welcome them to the team.’
Synthesis books are highly-regarded in the scientific communities and embody some unique features, which distinguish them from other publications in their area. The books are authored by experts in the field and offer tutorial presentations on cutting-edge research and development topics. The concise and revisable book format provides researchers with in-depth analysis which is broader than research journal articles. They address the increasing need for researchers and developers to bring themselves up to date on important new areas.
Michael Morgan, co-founder and CEO, Morgan & Claypool, commented: ‘We believe that Springer Nature is an excellent new home for Synthesis to continue its growth. Springer Nature has deep expertise in book publishing and a broad global reach.  We see a strong opportunity for Synthesis books and authors to reach a larger audience and make a greater impact on its disciplines.’

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