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Taiwanese Startup FaceHeart Video-based Measurement Software Uses AI to Remotely Measure Vitals Stats of Patients – PR Newswire

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Jul 28, 2022, 22:27 ET
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TAIPEI, July 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The pandemic has forced most processes and operations to be conducted remotely, and the medical industry isn’t exempted. Fortunately, a new and innovative video-based measurement software from FaceHeart corporation now allows diagnosis of patients to be done remotely using cutting-edge artificial intelligence. FaceHeart exhibited recently exhibited at VivaTech 2022 in Paris, France to other startups and leaders, showing off the company’s latest AI technology.
Contactless measurements through video

The technology, called FH Vitals, enables remote and contactless measurements by analyzing a patient’s face through remote image processing. The artificial intelligence component then scans the image and provides valuable info with regard to the patient’s health status.
According to FaceHeart, the FH Vitals application can give results in just 60 seconds or less, and will work up to five meters away from the video camera or web camera of your chosen device. And with the FH Vitals SDK, it can be adapted to work in a variety of devices, from smartphones, to laptops, and to other medical devices.
FH Vitals can be used to measure important metrics such as heart rate, heart rate variability, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, stress index, and even atrial fibrillation, which might indicate abnormal heart rhythms.
According to FaceHeart, their AI technology is based on extensive data collected from clinical trials which is then used to calibrate its algorithms and achieve medical-grade accuracy.
Application in different sectors
With such a practical and efficient way of augmenting early-stage diagnosis, FaceHeart is confident that the FH Vitals software will be useful in sectors such as Telemedicine to help provide critical information for remote treatment protocols. It can also be useful in proactively managing health and wellness in both corporate environments and home settings. And finally, its facial recognition and monitoring can even be used to enhance customer experience for financial services.
All these services can be customized and enhanced according to a clients needs through the FH Vitals SDK or software development kit, which is now available in the market.
As of the moment, FH Vitals can only be used in Android-based devices, but the company isn’t ruling out expansion to other operating systems in the future. Its FDA/CDE application for its software-as-medical-device (SaMD) clearance is also already underway, to further assure its customers and users of its medical-grade accuracy.
According to FaceHeart, it has its sights on the United States, Europe, and Japan markets as of the moment.
ABOUT FaceHeart
FaceHeart Corporation is a Taiwan-based software company born out of the National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department in 2018. It has been financially supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan. It owns various patents for artificial intelligence-based facial recognition that it has applied onto its revolutionary software FH Vitals. It has received significant investments from companies such as MediaTek and has continued to expand in various industries. For more information, visit its website at: www.faceheart.com
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