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Tampa's LT3 Academy tech school opens in University Mall – Bay News 9

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From tech bootcamps to a full career in coding within 18 months, the owners of LT3 Academy say they can help create a pathway for people wanting to enter the workforce.
Chris and Dagma Morancie took over a space inside University Mall for LT3 back in February. 
“We just hit the road and we transformed this space to make it comfortable for the community," Dagma said. "Not just for us, but for everybody."
It’s a place the owners describe as having a modern design for learning tech, and where the bosses come to the office.
The pair said it’s common to see their children visiting.
“It’s important that they interact and they know what we’re trying to do,” said Chris.
They say they’re trying to create a pathway for future tech minds to learn the business of coding, programming and engineering.
“We really look at ourselves as this full-scale tech-talent accelerator, if you will," Chris said. "We can take someone from anywhere, whether you have zero previous knowledge, and we can get you to a point in 18 months, you’ll have a pretty good future in front of you."
He said many people don’t know how to get started in these fields, so they recruit at the high school level and in underserved communities. 
Jhtae Stnisles, 20, got involved through Career Source Tampa Bay.
“I graduated in 2020 and at the moment COVID hit, so I had taken a break from school and I decided to join this program as an opportunity to branch into tech," he said. "It gave me an opportunity — I liked the program and now I’m going to continue on with it."
Across the room, Army veterans Sergio Velazquez and DJ Augustin were working.
“I think it’s going great but you have to put effort into it," said Sergio. "It’s not like learning computer engineering is easy."
“Anytime I’m having a problem and I need my questions to be answered, I’m just a chat away," DJ said. "And we have TAs."
Students make at least $15 an hour and as an alternative to a four year degree, the Morancies say they’ll be employable right away within six months.
“It is a paid program which is awesome," said Sergio. "Getting paid to learn, you can’t beat that."
Chris said that LT3 Academy is constantly evolving, and the next step is right around the corner.
He said the academy is the only organization in Florida with a new supply-chain apprenticeship pathway.
“The idea of combining different domains with technology is a really big deal for us, and supply chain is the first one up,” Chris said.


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