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Techshots and VESIT Sign MoU to Develop AI Tools to Predict Buying Patterns of Enterprise IT Decision-Makers – AZoRobotics

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Techshots, a subsidiary of Messy Desk Media, a new-age information platform for IT community and Mumbai-based Engineering college, Vivekanand Education Society's Institute of Technology (VESIT) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)  to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to predict buying patterns of enterprise Information Technology decision-makers in India.
As per the agreement, VESIT's Department of Computer Engineering will work closely with the product and editorial team of TechShots to develop the tool in a span of a year. VESIT will also create tools to summarize and paraphrase content for Techshots.
The tool will help the enterprise IT market, having a transaction of around USD 100 MN per year in India, to move faster by adding intelligence to buying and selling decisions in the sector.  
"The procurement process in the enterprise IT domain is lengthy and time consuming. The AI-powered tool is being developed with the aim to make the process seamless and more efficient. Reduction in the procurement of new products and solutions will have a cumulative effect and will help the enterprises fast-track their business goals while improving customer experience," said Akhilesh Shukla, CEO, and Founder of Messy Desk Media.  
The project would be spearheaded by Dr. Nupur Giri, Head of the Department of Computer Engineering at VESIT, and will be mentored by Dr. Gresha Bhatia, Deputy Head of the Department, and Mrs. Abha Tewari, Assistant Professor.
"At VESIT, we are committed to collaborating with industry leaders, like TechShots, to ensure holistic development of our students. We are delighted to partner with TechShots for an interesting AI project that will help resolve a pertinent issue faced by the industry," said  Dr. Jayalekshmi Nair, Principal, VESIT.
"We, the department of Computer Engineering, VESIT are sure that this collaboration will result in innovative and quality work. We wish TechShots and VESIT team all the very best and look forward to enhance our collaborations in near future too" said  Dr. Gresha Bhatia.
"I am confident that the collaboration will benefit the stakeholders as well as the industry at large. We look forward to many such collaborations of Artificial Intelligence with TechShots in the near future too " said Mrs. Abha Tewari.
Messy Desk Media, the parent company of Techshots, will be funding and providing industry expertise for the development of the new-age tools. The start-up runs the B2B enterprise IT commerce platform TechShots, with over 30,000 downloads among the IT community in India. The two-year-old bootstrapped, profitable start-up, is independently valued at around USD1.2 million.
Source: https://h2ocommunication.com/en/
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