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The first round CAO points for TUS Athlone – Westmeath Independent

The full list of first round CAO points for Level 8 and Level 6/7 courses at Athlone Institute of Technology (as named by the CAO, although AIT and LIT merged in October last to form Technological University of the Shannon)
Level 8
* Not all on this points score were offered places.
# Test/ Interview/ Portfolio/ Audition
AL801 Software Design for Virtual Reality and Gaming 289
AL802 Software Design in Artificial Intelligence for Clo 302
AL803 Software Design for Mobile Apps 298
AL805 Computer Engineering for Network Infrastructure 299
AL810 Quantity Surveying 300
AL811 Civil Engineering 434
AL812 Construction Management 330
AL818 Mechanical Engineering 299
AL819 Mechanical Engineering with Energy 349
AL820 Mechanical and Polymer Engineering 319
AL821 Automation and Robotics 299
AL830 General Nursing 420*
AL832 Mental Health Nursing 379
AL835 Pharmacology 370
AL836 Nutrition and Health Science 306
AL837 Sports Science with Exercise Physiology 336
AL838 Biotechnology 308
AL839 Microbiology 300
AL840 Pharmaceutical Sciences 301
AL841 Athletic and Rehabilitation Therapy 462
AL842 Bioveterinary Science 357
AL843 Physical Activity and Health Science 283
AL849 Culinary Entrepreneurship 263
AL850 Business 298
AL851 Business and Law 300
AL852 Accounting 298
AL854 Sport Management (with international placement) 280
AL855 Hospitality Management (with international placement( 280
AL857 Digital Marketing 297
AL859 International Business 281
AL860 Social Care Practice 301
AL861 Animation and Illustration (portfolio) #514
AL863 Graphic and Digital Design (portfolio) #848
AL864 Early Years Care and Education 280
AL870 Applied Psychology 473*
Level 6/7
* Not all on this points score were offered places.
# Test / Interview / Portfolio / Audition
AL605 Music and Instrument Technology 189
AL630 Pharmacy Technician 261
AL631 Dental Nursing 376
AL632 Applied Science 276
AL650 Business 129
AL660 Culinary Arts 128
AL661 Bar Supervision 154
AL663 Business (Sport and Recreation) 120
AL701 Computer Engineering with Network Infrastructure 214
AL702 Software Design with Artificial Intelligence 210
AL703 Software Design for Virtual Reality and Gaming 226
AL704 Computer Engineering 214
AL705 Software Design for Mobile Apps 205
AL710 Mechanical Engineering 208
AL711 Mechanical Engineering and Renewable Energy 310
AL712 Automation and Robotics 215
AL713 Engineering (Common Entry to Automation and Robotics) 211
AL718 Music and Sound Engineering 183
AL721 Civil Engineering 217
AL730 Biotechnology 290
AL731 Veterinary Nursing 444
AL734 Pharmaceutical Sciences (Drug Development and Anal 250
AL735 Pharmacology 278
AL739 Microbiology 289
AL740 Exercise and Health Science 225
AL742 Bioveterinary Science 346
AL751 Digital Marketing 235
AL752 Business 228
AL761 Hotel and Leisure Management 152
AL763 Graphic Design (portfolio) #526
AL764 Early Years Care and Education 180
AL765 Applied Social Studies in Social Care 300
SOURCE: www.cao.ie