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The Map of Engineering: A New Animation Shows How All of the … – Open Culture

in | January 5th, 2023 3 Comments

In his latest animation, physicist and science writer Dominic Walliman maps out the entire field of engineering and all of its subdisciplines. Civil engineering, chemical engineering, bio engineering, biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, marine engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering–they’re all covered here.
In the past, we’ve featured Walliman’s other educational animations that cover Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Quantum Computing, Computer Science, and more. Click the links to explore each video.
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Want to make ignorant conservative brains explode? Show them this – the map of everything they are clueless about and take for granted.
Amazing synopsis of how our modern world was created and is maintained. While I understand all engineering disciplines could not be covered, mentioning the role of process engineering in the production of what we consume would be beneficial.
What a great video! A simple manner to explain all connections. Thank you!!

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