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Her father is a security guard, and her mother is a meat seller. Engineering student did not enroll in the review center tops the board exam.
She became an engineering topnotcher without having to enroll in a review center. Yup, you read it right… she did not enroll in the review center but emerged as an engineering topnotcher.
She was forced to self-study for the engineering board exam but still managed to make it to the top.
This agricultural engineering graduate is no exemption from the students who suffered because of the closure of academic institutions and review centers.
So as the last resort, she decided to just self-study.
After all, an engineer’s greatest asset is their resourcefulness.
Despite the informal preparation she had, Engineer Mariella Jezreel Rolle Oliver managed to rank 8th in the 2021 Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering board exam with a rating of 81.64%.
Engr. Mariella, fondly called MJ, didn’t plan on becoming an Agricultural and Biosystems Engineer at first.
However, when she was in high school, a teacher told her something that changed her mind: “Choose a path that you are not yet good at.”
This was the advice that led to the most important decision her younger self would make – taking Agricultural Engineering.
Admittingly, MJ knew that she didn’t have the slightest idea about the course, but it is also this reason, together with her curiosity about what awaited her.
That pushed MJ to choose engineering.
Unfortunately, it wasn’t as easy as that.
Taking up engineering would mean putting a significant dent in their household budget that mainly came from her meat vendor mom and security guard dad.
Though her parents could provide for their needs, MJ did everything to ease their burden.
Luckily, she got accepted as a university scholar at Cavite State University.
However, her college life struggles didn’t end there. MJ admitted that she was not the best in class.
In fact, she felt behind and, at times, lost as if she had made the wrong choice.
It came to a point where she almost lost her scholarship right in the first semester of college.
Her grades almost did not meet the scholarship’s requirements.
MJ knew that she could not go home and tell her parents that she had lost the only thing that could get her through college.
From that moment, she promised herself to give it her all, and on July 27, 2020, she was finally able to reap the rewards of her efforts as she graduated college.
But what was supposed to be a promising year for her was halted by the pandemic.
Review centers were closed, and job opportunities were few.
Worse, the board exam was canceled.
The cancellation of the board exam means that she has to wait for another year to finally become an engineer.
And another year of waiting is too much for a dreamer eager to fulfill her goals.
MJ lost her heart.
But she was also aware that the earlier she accepted what was uncontrollable, the longer she could prepare for the board exam.
So, with no review centers and a calculator, she sought the help of her friends.
The disheartened MJ finally regained her spirit.
She started reviewing in June of 2020.
She turned to her friends, who are now licensed engineers, and asked them for a copy of their review materials.
She also borrowed a calculator from her friends.
She then created a study habit that would be best for her.
It also helped that her boyfriend, Engr. Joe Rienzi Bencito, created weekly exams for her to assess her progress.
Knowing that cramming is not efficient, she spent most of her time studying.
In April of 2021, her professors initiated a weekly review session every Saturday that helped her a lot.
While reviewing, she also has to balance her time helping her mother sell goods in the market.
She watches k-dramas in between, too.
Aside from pouring her all during the reviews and the constant manifestations, she also purchased a book titled Outsmart the Board Exam written by Engr. Rucel Virata, where the technical tips are discussed.
The day before the board examination, MJ felt pretty satisfied with her preparation.
She decided to spend the day watching a k-drama series to relieve the nerves.
However, on the day of the exam, she was nothing short of frustrated.
Despite her long preparation, there were still many questions and topics that came out that she didn’t even study during the review.
She was starting to lose hope that she would make it to the top, let alone pass the board exam.
When the results came out, MJ did not know about her feat right away.
It was not until her boyfriend sent her a picture of the top 10 passers that she found out about her achievement.
Though she believes that the result did not really change her life drastically, it still paved the way for her teaching career.
Now, she is an instructor at Cavite State University-Main Campus, where she teaches engineering students who aspire to be like her.
“My success is the success of my loved ones.”
Engineer Mariella owes her success to her parents, her siblings, those who believed in her, and the Almighty God.
Most of all, she owes it to herself.
She who braved the unknown and trusted herself.
Engineer Mariella Jezreel Oliver is a testament that extra effort and manifestations can make dreams possible.
With optimism and with the right group of people, only great things await.
Here’s the full transcript of GineerNow’s interview with Engr. Mariella.
I chose this course because I’m not great at it.
When I was in high school, a teacher of mine told me, “Piliin mo ang lugar kung saan hindi ka magaling.”
At first, I didn’t understand what that meant, maybe because I was puzzled about why I shouldn’t take a path I’m already good at and where I would have an advantage.
Because I believe that since I’m already good at it, I’ll be able to become better.
Despite that doubt, I continued to take this course.
Perhaps brought by ‘curiosity’ of what will happen if I take the road where I am not good at?
Yes. The first year, first semester.
I have no failing grades, but my grades aren’t topnotch either.
It’s just ‘right.’ I suddenly realized that my college life was just beginning, but the scholarship I had was already on the verge.
So the first thing I did was I made up my mind that I would start doing better.
I became too complacent and satisfied with “sakto lang.”
I forgot that it was because of my scholarship that I was able to study.
So I promised myself that I would graduate as a university scholar no matter what.
Maybe I can say that the most difficult period I experienced was when I was in college.
When I wondered if I had made the right choice.
I have self-doubt at times when I struggle with studying.
When I have trouble keeping up with my classmates.
You are your strongest ally.
Also, it is the most difficult to fight.
“Mag-aaral ka lang din naman, ibuhos mo ng lahat.”
I kept repeating this over and over in my head.
I am not the best in class or in any subject.
But there is only one thing for sure, in the board exam, we will all be wearing the same white polo shirt, carrying our own dreams hidden behind our names.
Therefore, nothing will be lost if you pour it all out.
It’s not crazy to gamble or aspire to be a ‘topnotcher.’
Because honestly, choosing to take the path of wanting to be a topnotcher is a path that not everyone likes.
Because many immediately doubt themselves and believe in the words, ‘I can’t do it.’
I believe we always can!
We are just afraid to know our limits.
If I didn’t try that, maybe I wouldn’t know that I would be a topnotcher.
The book Outsmart The Board Exam by Engr. Rucel Virata is also a plus point and a big help.
It discusses all the technical tips that will help aspiring topnotchers.
Practice with extra effort.
Everything can be accomplished through practice.
I’m not good at math or any problem-solving-related topics, but there’s always a way to learn.
I added two words, ‘extra effort’ because if we know that we are struggling in our studies but our dreams are more important.
We will choose to see that we are struggling now because we love our dreams that much.
Since the pandemic happened before our board exam, I can say that I struggled with three things.
First, studying again.
The school was canceled for several months until graduation, so burying myself in books was one of the most difficult things.
It seems that my mind has stopped receiving lessons. It’s like I’m going to start studying again from scratch.
I lost my momentum since I expected to go straight to the board exam after graduating.
Second, accepting that the board exam is canceled.
Maybe this is what I couldn’t accept then.
That I have to wait a year to take the board exam.
I lost my dream plan to become an Engineer in the year 2020.
Third, studying alone.
Since there were no open review centers yet, I had to start studying on my own.
It’s hard because you don’t know what review materials to study and where to get them.
Even more, you don’t know where and how to start.
The solution.
As a solution to the things I struggled with, I chose to start with what I already have.
I borrowed review materials, even a calculator – I thank Engr. Aeron Mojica and Engr. Mabelle Madela for that.
I started to develop a ‘study habit’ and made a schedule of what time I would study, even breaks.
The help provided by my boyfriend – Engr. Joe Rienzi Bencito – was also a big boost.
Even though we have different courses, he still chose to help me by making mock exams every week so that I could assess what I already knew and what I needed to study.
I was not able to enroll in a review center as there were none available when I started studying.
But, my classmates and I are very grateful to Engr. Kelvin Crystal, Engr. John Paulo Perido, Engr. Melrose Salona, Engr. Jose Carlo Dizon, and Engr. Vincent Vergara for helping us prepare for our board exam.
Starting April-September 2022 every Saturday, they patiently teach us the subjects covered by the board exam.
We also have weekly quizzes.
With their help, I can say that the nervousness we had was reduced because they were our companions in the preparation.
Difficult. Because there is still the fact that no matter how much you learn, it will still not be enough.
Because no one knows what will appear in the board exam.
Even so, it gives enough assurance and readiness when you know that you were able to give your best and that you did not lack preparation.
In the beginning, I always told my boyfriend that I was going to the top.
I always say it jokingly; this way, I think of it as motivation.
It’s a joke, but I’m serious inside.
But, after the exam, I said it was impossible because of the difficulty.
There are many questions and topics that I just saw, and I didn’t even study when I was reviewing.
Add to that, with each day that passed while waiting for the result.
I gradually remembered the questions as well as my wrong answers.
It was so frustrating. I was even afraid that I might not pass.
It was my boyfriend who informed me that I had passed.
At first, I couldn’t understand him because I was watching Running Man (Korean Variety Show).
I was just surprised that he sent a picture of my name.
The results were out, and I am already an engineer.
I didn’t know I was at the top. Because what my boyfriend sent me was a name from the general list.
I immediately told the good news to my parents.
But, later, he sent the names of topnotchers, where my name was.
I checked my name several times to see if it was me.
I can’t believe it.
I just cried because I was so amazed.
How did all that happen?
The Lord is very good.
My success is the success of everyone I love.
This is for my family, my loved ones, and the people who quietly support me and believe that I can do it.
This is for the Lord who gave me the ability to be able to do it, and He also acted in my success.
I can say the same for myself.
That despite everything that happened during my preparation and waiting, everything really paid off in perfect time.
You just need to really take action and trust that everything is possible.
I got 10,000 pesos from my home university – Cavite State University (CvSU) Main Campus.
My mother (Jennifer Oliver) sells meat.
My father (Milover Oliver) is a security guard at the market.
I have two siblings (Louwella Jane Oliver & Joem John Oliver).
The family I grew up with is simple.
Our parents are able to support us while we also find ways to help.
Nope. This is my personal decision.
In a relationship.
I was with him for my last two years in college, preparing for the board exam until I passed.
Until now, we are still together.
In the modern times that we have, I can say that this is also the reason for the engineers.
From wild imaginations to realization.
But, each one is important.
Because the engineer wouldn’t have reached this title if it wasn’t for everyone who supported him.
Maybe I’m still an engineer who keeps doing the best in everything. An engineer who remains happy in whatever she does.
— End of Interview —
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