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AI and robotics, currently the most dynamic field of technology, is employing thousands of developers across the globe. With companies integrating AI into their work, the scope of better employment opportunities is also accelerating. 
Some of India’s top recruiters of robotics and AI are ISRO, Tech Mahindra, TATA, DRDO, BARC, etc. Landing a job in these big companies can earn freshers an annual salary of around INR 5 lakhs upwards.
Here is a list of engineering colleges in India that are offering courses in AI and robotics. You can visit the website links attached to learn more about the course structure and fees of each course. 

VIT | Chennai
With a promising specialisation in AI and Robotics, this course can offer a great ledger for budding engineers to learn more about AI and eventually get employed and build amazing products. 
Click here to check out the course and apply.
Usharama College of Engineering and Technology | Andhra Pradesh
With a number of courses in AI and ML ranging from Bachelors to Masters, Usharama is one of the few institutes offering a variety of courses for education and research in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Their courses include: 
Click here to visit their website.
Amity University | Gurugram
Amity University is offering a combined course of B.Tech and M.Tech in AI & Robotics that consists of 10 semesters each, covering various fields of machine learning. The curriculum also includes two mandatory internships for the students.
Check out the entire curriculum here.
Lovely Professional University | Jalandhar
LPU is known for its placements and offers. They have also recently launched a B.Tech in Robotics and Automation, an eight-semester program including 4-6 elective courses in engineering like automobile, robotics, and cyber security.
Click here to know more about the programme.
NITTE University | Mangalore
Focusing on implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies, NITTE is offering a comprehensive programme that covers sensing, programming, designing, and controlling in robotics and machine learning, big data analytics, programming, and deep learning in AI.
To know more about the course, click here.
SASTRA University | Thanjavur
An interdisciplinary course that also covers the convergence of these technologies with electronics, computer engineering, and mechanical engineering. The robotics course encapsulates robotics automation systems and delves into human-like autonomy.
Click here to visit their website.
Jain University | Bengaluru
This B.Tech offered by Jain University has an industry-oriented engineering curriculum, including electrical, electronics, computer science, instrumentation, AI/ML, and mechatronics. Graduates of this course can pursue professions like automation testing, CAD designing, process engineering, PLC and SCADA engineering, and hardware designing.
Click here to check out the course.
NRI Group of Institutions | Bengaluru
Located in Madhya Pradesh, the NRI Institute is offering a complete and advanced course in AI, making it one of the top colleges of MP. The university boasts of a 100% placement rate through the years, thanks to their training and placement cell.
Click here to know more about the university and the course.
Somaiya Vidyavihar University | Mumbai
This B.Tech course includes the most important aspects of AI and robotics with computer vision, like perception, sensor data, environment learning, planning, reasoning, and decision-making and automating them. The course includes mini projects, quizzes, competitions, and laboratory experiments.
Click here to know more details about the course.
GNA University | Punjab
The GNA University has launched a new, practically focused course on Robotics and Automation Engineering that paves the way for roles in mining, ocean exploration, nanotechnology, aircraft engineering and much more.
Click here to find out more about the programme.
Bonus: List of IITs offering complete courses in AI 
IIT Patna
With a total of 50 available seats, IIT Patna is starting their B.Tech in AI and Data Science. The course covers important aspects of AI like automation, computer vision, and other such topics.
Check out the course here.
IIT Hyderabad
Engineering in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science at IIT Hyderabad is a four-year course that deals with core technologies like machine learning, data warehouse, data mining, Scripting language, and Mathematical modelling.
Check out this tailor-made course for AI enthusiasts.
IIT Guwahati
Mehta Family School of Data Science and AI at IIT Guwahati is offering a B.Tech program in AI and Data Science. This course will enable learners to step into various industries such as data architecture and data engineering and analysis.
To know more about the course, click here.
IIT Delhi
M.Tech degree program in Machine Learning and Data Science (MINDS) is starting this year at IIT Delhi at its School of Artificial Intelligence. The course will focus on teaching learners the fundamental concepts of artificial intelligence.
Click here for more information.
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