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UF provost removed UF Honors Program after loss of confidence – Gainesville Sun

The University of Florida provost issued a statement Friday afternoon saying it was his decision to remove the UF Honors Program director.
In the statement, Provost Joe Glover said the board of trustees felt that Law was not “making significant progress — and had not for some time — toward being a program that belongs at a top five public university” after Law gave a presentation to the board in June.
Law subsequently found out that he was being removed from the Honors director position. His last day in the position was Aug. 15, but he is still employed as an engineering professor with the university.
Glover said Law’s plan failed to provide programming that would distinguish the honors program on a national level. 
“As a result, the board lost confidence in Dr. Law’s leadership as director of UF’s Honors Program. That sentiment was shared with President Fuchs and me. I would add that the board is well within its rights to hold and express such a view,” Glover said. “To be perfectly clear, there was no board action or decision on this matter. The decision to remove him from that position was mine, and I stand by it. There was absolutely no reason for the removal of Dr. Law’s administrative appointment other than the one I have just stated.”
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Amanda Phalin, UF’s Faculty Senate chair and member of the board of trustees, tweeted out a statement supporting Law’s termination. 
“I was part of the discussion during the Board of Trustees meeting in June, and I can confirm that the board lost confidence in Dr. Mark Law. The responsibility for the decision to remove him from the position of honors director belongs to the provost. If I had any concerns about that decision or how it was made, I would share them publicly. I do not,” Phalin stated. 
Hi, everyone. I want to speak directly re the Honors Program. Please see my statement here: pic.twitter.com/EiE3fz91NI
The news of Law’s removal was first reported by UF’s student newspaper, The Alligator. 
Law confirmed with The Gainesville Sun Thursday he was terminated from his position after eight years but was puzzled on why the university made the decision to remove him from his administrative role.
Specifics of the reason were unclear as Law has not had a bad performance evaluation in the 34 years he’s been employed with UF. 
But there was speculation that the decision was related to a discussion over gender-neutral bathrooms that would be in the new Honors Village residential building that will open in August 2023.
Law will remain on campus as a tenured faculty member in department of electrical and computer engineering. Moving forward the honors program will be led by Melissa L. Johnson as interim director. 
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