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1. Architectural Engineering
With one of the lowest unemployment rates across the board (1.3 percent), architectural engineers do very well for themselves. With a median salary of $90,000 a year, this career is not only stable, it also provides well. Architectural engineers focus not only on making a build structurally sound so its safe for its occupants, but also on engineering “high-performance buildings that are sustainable, resilient, economically viable, that ensure the safety, health, comfort, and productivity of occupants,” according to Penn State College of Engineering. This field is a great choice for those who want a STEM degree or career but also the chance to express themselves creatively. After leaving university, there are a lot of jobs this degree can be applied to. Students can explore opportunities as an engineering technician, draftsman, mechanical designer, production supervisor, and architectural project manager.
2. Construction Services
With an ongoing need for affordable housing and expanding businesses across the globe, this sector is booming. There’s no shortage of work for this career field as indicated by the 1% unemployment rate. Students who leave university with degrees in the construction field can find an almost endless list of opportunities for career advancement. Some lucrative options include working as arbitrator, building control supervisor, building services engineer, estimator, fire risk assessor, site engineer, and sustainability consultant. Students can also transfer the skills learned in these degree paths into government municipal work, such as city planning, planning and development surveying, urban design, and facilities management. The medium annual salary rate for those with degrees in construction services is $80,000, making it a financially rewarding career as well.
3. Computer Engineering
There is hardly a job in the entire world that doesn’t rely on computers, and this is where computer engineers can come in handy. If you’re interested in a job that is constantly evolving, growing, and will pay well, consider a degree in computer engineering. Needing only a bachelor’s degree, individuals in the field make a median salary of $101,000 a year. This is great for those who want to earn their degree and go right into the workforce without having to chase down further education. Computer engineers report being happy at work, and it’s hardly difficult to see why. Not only is the pay great, there are tons of opportunities to choose from for jobs in the overwhelming majority of the US. Computer engineer Angela Lo, who works for IBM, says, “There is a lot of innovation and creativity in my job. It’s always great fun to figure out how to make the tests run more efficiently for different clients.”
4. Aerospace Engineering
If you’re interested in getting your feet off the ground, consider aerospace engineering. Students who pursue a degree in aerospace engineering will find themselves constantly stimulated by their interesting and unique course opportunities. “Prospective students should be very proficient in maths and science and should have a passion for applying them to real world problems,” according to
Aerospace engineering student Jacqueline is ready for the challenge. She says, “The thing I love most about Georgia Tech and the School of Aerospace Engineering is the number of opportunities there are. I have been extremely fortunate to have been able to do research on aircraft, join awesome organizations (shoutout to SWE), get cool internships, study abroad in Europe, and even travel around the globe. Through all these experiences, my eyes have been open to the endless possibilities that exist in our world.”
After leaving school, students can find careers in areas such as aerodynamics, materials and structures, and systems integration. The median salary for those holding this degree is $100,00 a year…and you’ll be able to tell people that what you do is, actually, rocket science!
5. Transportation Sciences and Technologies
People and things need from A to B, which is where a degree in transportation sciences and technologies can be helpful. This fun and interesting career starts in the classroom where students study the fundamentals of transportation, the challenges the industry faces, and how to solve these problems.
One interesting career path is that of a transportation technician. Those working in this role after graduation will provide assistance to all aspects related to transporting products from one place to another. The key functions are providing accurate delivery rates, recommending best routes, developing best transportation practices, inspecting delivered products for damages, educating truck operators of proper methods, and ensuring vehicles are well-maintained. The job is always changing, and unique. Technicians in Canada can expect an average salary of $71,000 a year, while in the US the same role nets $40,000-53,000 a year.
For those thinking about life after graduation, any of these diverse, interesting, and unique careers would make a great choice. Not only do they provide almost limitless opportunities for professional growth, and financial gain, they are also all career paths that can be helpful to society.
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