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What is a Gaming Engineer? – GineersNow

Learn what a gaming engineer does and how to become one.
So, what is a gaming engineer? Do you want to be a gaming engineer? Here are the reasons why you should become a software gaming engineer.
Gaming engineers, sometimes called game designers, are in the software development business. Usually, they develop this software for video games, though they are not limited to just video game development.
The role of a gaming engineer will differ from project to project and also depends on the company that employs you. Tasks for a gaming engineer typically include creating the game’s software and writing code that will give the game visual representation—designing the game’s mechanics, such as rules and characters. They also need to develop Android and iOs applications for the games to run.
To be a successful gaming engineer, you will need more than technical skills like coding and software development. Soft skills are crucial, too, as you will be working within a team. So you must be able to communicate well and work well within a team.
The gaming market experienced a 20% boost in in-game sales in 2020; this translated to job creation of almost 20 000. According to research conducted by IBISWorld, this industry growth is set to continue.
The great thing about a career in gaming engineering is that you are not limited to video games. You can create software for online casino games as well. So the next time you see the wordsclaim the latest casino bonuses and promotions flashing on a casino site, know that a gaming engineer wrote the code for that message, as well as for the all important promotions and bonuses. Gaming giants like NetEnt, Pragmatic, and Microgaming always seek new talent. So if writing code and developing software for slot games are your thing, then being a game designer is for you.

According to Gamesmith, a digital community for the gaming industry, the average salary of an animator is around $90,000 per annum. While a gaming engineer working at Microsoft Corporation earns an average of $110,901 per year. These amounts don’t consider any overtime and bonuses the employer may pay out. Salaries also differ based on the state or country the company is based in. The perk of most gaming development jobs is that you can work remotely and manage your own time.

The demand for video game designers has been on the increase since 2019. In America, there has been a 5.3% increase in demand in the past financial year. With over 55% of Americans playing games, this is not a surprising number. The video game industry is among one the few that continue to thrive even during a global recession.
With gaming moving into the virtual reality era, game designing has become more challenging and interesting for developers. Pokemon Go has proven that virtual reality gaming has a place in our gaming library. Not only that, but the game generated a whopping $5 billion in sales. Part of what made Pokemon Go a success was that it combined augmented reality with physical reality.
When we look at the future of gaming, three major areas will drive development in the gaming industry. These are Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Gaming, and Augmented reality, and we are all keen to see what the future will bring.
Those who have said that the gaming industry has zero unemployment rate are being proven right, and there are more career opportunities than just game engineering. Games need animators and writers to write content for characters, even if it’s just background words like in Fortnite.
Whether you want to be a gaming engineer or animator, this booming industry offers plenty of opportunities. Also, remember that it is beneficial for you as an engineer to perform in other roles.
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