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RedHat has a new CEO-Matt Hicks. He is a Red Hat veteran and has served the company for 16 years. He previously worked as the executive vice president of Products and Technologies. Hicks succeeds Paul Cormier, who will now serve as chairman of Red Hat.
“When I joined Red Hat in 2006 as a developer on the IT team working on porting Perl applications to Java, I never imagined that my career would lead me to this moment. If I had followed my initial path, not raised my hand for certain projects, or shied away from contributing ideas and asking questions, I might not be here,” said Hicks. In this year’s Red Hat Summit, he was one of the key spokespeople for the company and delivered a part of the keynote address with other leaders.
Key figure in creating Red Hat OpenShift
Hicks is known as a hands-on leader in Red Hat. One of the biggest highlights of his career is being the foundational member of the engineering team that developed Red Hat OpenShift. Red Hat describes it as the backbone for hybrid cloud deployments across industries and serves as a leading enterprise Kubernetes platform. 
As an industry veteran with 25 years of experience in Linux and with a background in computer engineering (he holds a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology), Hicks is well-regarded for his “work with customers and partners to solve the next generation of IT challenges with open source innovation,” said Red Hat.
He previously worked at IBM for four years before his career in Red Hat. At Red Hat, he has held various positions like Engineering team lead, manager for enterprise architecture and  manager of IT/Engineering department.
Recently, Red Hat introduced Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9. At that time, Hicks had commented that Linux 9 would extend across the open hybrid cloud and beyond, pairing the trusted backbone of enterprise Linux with the innovative catalysts of open source communities. This latest version is the first production release built from CentOS Stream.
Focus on AI
In an interview with Venturebeat, after being appointed to the new role, Hicks also talked about how the challenge lies in enabling a wide set of capabilities from the hybrid cloud to the edge and supporting those technologies for the long term. He added that a key area of innovation for Red Hat would be in the AI space, as organisations of various shapes and sizes can benefit from machine learning. In the same interview, Hicks also mentioned that Red Hat is investing heavily in the  MLops space to help get the code from a developer’s fingertips to production.
 In a blog post, Hicks reflected on what makes Red Hat unique. He wants Red Hatters to embrace three core values-passion respect, contribution with accountability and realising potential.
 IBM is all praise for Red Hat, helping its cloud offerings
Acquiring Red Hat ( for a whopping USD 34 billion) has turned out good for IBM. In fact, in the Q1 2022 earnings call of IBM, Arvind Krishna raved about how Red Hat is helping IBM. He said that a hybrid cloud is all about providing a platform that can work on multiple public clouds, private clouds, and on-premise properties for IBM’s clients. The platform IBM has built is open, secure, and flexible, he claimed. “At its core, it is based on Red Hat, which gives clients powerful software capabilities based on open-source innovation,” he added. 
Red Hat revenue is up 21 percent. This growth in revenue is due to good performance across the Red Hat portfolio. The consulting’s hybrid cloud revenue grew 32 percent on a trailing twelve-month basis to $8.3 billion, making it 45 percent of the consulting business. Krishna added that there would be strong demand and momentum for Red Hat-related engagements in the future, too, nearly doubling Red Hat-related signings year to year.
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