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New Delhi. The computer is filled with a storehouse of data and numbers, and with each passing day, this store grows. For large companies, handling this data is no less than a headache. Seeing the vast potential in the field of data management, Neha Narkhede, an Indian-origin resident in America, formed a company with two of her associates about eight years ago. In a short span of time, she earned so much wealth and fame that in 2020, Forbes included her in the list of ‘Self-Made’ women of America and recently she was named India’s name in the list of IIFL Wealth Hurun India 2022. Youngest ‘Self Made’ Woman Entrepreneur has been selected.
Born in Pune, Maharashtra, Neha took her early education in a local school and after completing her schooling, completed her computer engineering from Savitri Devi Phule University in Pune from 2002 to 2006. Of. She went abroad for further studies and completed her MS from Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia from 2006 to 2007.
Neha Narkhede started her career as Technical Staff in Oracle Corporation in February 2008 and held this position till February 2010. After that she joined LinkedIn as a computer engineer and from here her life started on a new path.
While working at LinkedIn, he created an open source platform called Apache Kafka while working on a project with two of his colleagues – Jun Rao and Jay Kreps. Neha told in this regard that during the work Kreps was facing some problem in data access and Neha offered him help in this regard and a big idea started.
Neha says that instead of making any new technology, those people started studying and analyzing those techniques which were already working in this area and came to the conclusion that there is no solution to this problem. Everybody needs it. From here the foundation for the creation of Apache Kafka was laid. Two years later, in September 2014, the trio started software company Conflate and later expanded it as a business-to-business infrastructure company.
In addition to being a well-known woman entrepreneur in the field of computer technology, Neha is also a pen-rich and has co-authored a book, Kafka: The Definitive Guide, with Gwen Shapira and Todd Balino, about all the technologies Kafka has created. It has been told.
In March 2020, Neha started working as a startup investor and advisor and she provides technical advice to many big tech based companies.
Talking about her love for computer technology, Neha says that when she was eight years old, her parents brought her a computer and from there her interest in computer technology started growing. On a television channel, Neha told that her parents have a big contribution in her success. He told her from childhood about the importance of education and instilled in her the belief that she can do everything in the world.
Neha, who is traveling to new places with her husband Sachin Kulkarni and pursuing her hobby of scuba diving, says that her parents used to tell her from childhood about many such people who have achieved great achievements in life. , especially about women who made a better place for themselves on their own. Among those who influenced her the most include Padmashree Warrier, chief executive of electric car maker NIO, an American startup company, Kiran Bedi, India’s first woman IPS officer, and PepsiCo’s chairman and chief executive officer Indra Nooyi.
Talking about achievements, Neha Narkhede has also made a special place in the world and she has discussions in Indian media to Forbes and Wall Street Journal. There is no doubt that Neha Narkhede has got her name written in the line of these established faces at a very young age.
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