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You’re Using ChatGPT Wrong! Here’s How to Be Ahead of 99% of ChatGPT Users

Master ChatGPT by learning prompt engineering. Image licensed from Shutterstock Most of us use ChatGPT wrong. We don’t include examples in our prompts.We ignore that we can control ChatGPT’s behav...


What The Rise Of Edge Computing Really Means For The Enterprise

Edge computing decentralizes networks by leveraging information gathered, stored, analyzed and shared via an ever-increasing array of mobile devices, smart sensors, and IoT devices. As a result, the centralized...

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Does The Network Matter More Than The Data Center?

Where is business done? Does it happen between work colleagues at an office within a business park high-rise? Between a shopper and a salesperson at a brick-and-mortar shop in a retail strip? In a manufacturing...

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Is Your Data Trapped In The Cloud?

There are signs that many enterprises are feeling buyer’s remorse about their public cloud strategies. Some digital businesses found promises of lower costs, higher performance, and stronger security to be as e...


Addressing Connected Security Is Crucial To Your Agency’s Cybersecurity

Today is Cyber Monday and the online holiday shopping season has begun. Cybersecurity awareness is and should be top of mind for everyone, including government IT professionals. Cybersecurity is not something t...

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Edge Computing Helps Modernize IT

Edge Computing Helps Modernize IT Joanie KindbladePosted On November 17, 2020 Applications help organizations derive value from technology. IT departments can drive application efficien...


How Fiber Delivers Enterprise-Class Connectivity For Your Business

Back in the early days of broadband internet connectivity, all broadband just meant “fast”. Years later, broadband options have diversified. Today, fiber is gaining traction as it outpaces more traditional opti...


Managed Backup as a Service

Designed in collaboration with leading backup software vendors Bytes have developed a range of backup services to address customer specific needs. Whether your environment is small or large, single or a glob...


Smarter Connectivity

The fourth business utility We believe connectivity is as integral to business as water, gas or electricity in the modern business world. And with remote working on the rise, connectivity needs are changing....


Smarter LAN

Always-On, High-Performing & Secure Network management is nothing revolutionary, but it is critical. Your business depends on a network that is always-on, high-performing and secure. The problem is that ...

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Are cloud services

the future? Many millions of dollars and many of IT’s big names say it is. But in truth that’s not the question, the question is… is it right for your business and the way it does business? And if it is righ...

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Backup Solutions

EFFICIENT BACKUP AND RECOVERY FOR EVERY BUSINESS What if your organization loses its data? Data is your organization’s most critical corporate asset. Loss of your data can have significant fi...

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3 Habits That Sabotage Your Life

These habits are destroying your self-discipline Starting off a new year with a good feeling is something so many of us want. This is why New Year’s resolutions are so popular. New year, new chances, ...


How Did We Come to the Playstation 5? – Interesting Engineering

For those of you, who underestimate gaming and gamers, here is a fact that will blow your mind. If you add up the annual revenue of both the film and music industries across the globe. This will still be nowher...


Accelerating a quantum future | UW College of Engineering – engr.washington.edu

Learn how College of Engineering and College of Arts & Sciences researchers are helping to establish the UW as a global leader of the coming quantum age.We’re on the brink of a major revolution driven by qu...


AI Engineer: Learn About The Role And Skills Needed For Success In 2023 – Data Science Central

Data Science CentralData Science CentralComputer engineering has come a long way from merely being a curriculum major to a key credential for your AI portfolio. Artificial engineering is a role that commands hu...


Unpacking the “black box” to build better AI models – MIT News

Suggestions or feedback? Images for download on the MIT News office website are made available to non-commercial entities, press and the general public under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commerci...


Adam Tooze on why renewable energy is a better bet than nuclear … – Foreign Policy

A recent breakthrough is good news, but renewables are still the better bet.From gastrodiplomacy to Xiplomacy.The pandemic years strained every system of government. Not planning for the possibility of disinteg...


Peter Sauer Obituary (2023) – Champaign, IL – The News-Gazette – Legacy.com

Peter Sauer Obituary (2023) – Champaign, IL – The News-Gazette  Legacy.comsource


Highest-paying computer and engineering jobs in Lima – WDTN.com

Highest-paying computer and engineering jobs in Lima  WDTN.comsource


Terahertz Wireless Link Could Go Beyond 6G – news.northeastern.edu

FeaturedFeaturedFeaturedFeaturedFeaturedFeaturedFeaturedFeaturedFeaturedFeaturedFor years, the idea of 6G was thought to be science fiction. Now, it’s closer than ever before, but Josep Jornet, an associate pro...

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